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Presidential Initiatives

Human Resources Management

Portfolio Manager

Jeff Koch

Managing Partner

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Program Manager

Joe Campbell


Government-wide, modern, cost effective, standardized, and interoperable Human Resource (HR) solutions providing common core functionality to support the strategic management of Human Capital.

Initiative Goals

  • Improve strategic management of human capital
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Increase cost savings/avoidance
  • Improve customer service


HR LOB Metrics

Exhibit 300

Managing Partner Agency Exhibit 300


The Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) initiative has been launched to drive rapid and transformational improvements in the delivery of human resources services across government agencies. Through governmentwide participation, the HR LOB initiative has been tasked to consider business benefits and impacts and propose a service delivery model that improves strategic management of human capital, is effective and efficient, and improves customer service.

Since its launch, the HR LOB initiative has made significant progress toward achieving its goals and objectives. It established an effective governance structure to move its agenda forward. Through an active governmentwide participation of many subject matter experts, the HR LOB initiative has developed all five architectural models under the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework. In addition, HR LOB has compiled a detailed HR LOB Target Requirements document now being used by agencies considering a migration to an HR LOB Shared Service Center (SSC).

So far, five federal SSCs have been selected to provide services to customer agencies. Private sector SSCs are currently being evaluated and, once selected, will offer additional service delivery options for agencies to consider.