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800 - Series Added Entry-Personal Name (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
October 2008

First Indicator
Type of personal name entry element
0 - Forename
1 - Surname
3 - Family name

Second Indicator
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
$a - Personal name (NR)
$b - Numeration (NR)
$c - Titles and other words associated with a name (R)
$d - Dates associated with a name (NR)
$e - Relator term (R)
$f - Date of a work (NR)
$g - Miscellaneous information (NR)
$h - Medium (NR)
$j - Attribution qualifier (R)
$k - Form subheading (R)
$l - Language of a work (NR)
$m - Medium of performance for music (R)
$n - Number of part/section of a work (R)
$o - Arranged statement for music (NR)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
$q - Fuller form of name (NR)
$r - Key for music (NR)
$s - Version (NR)
$t - Title of a work (NR)
$u - Affiliation (NR)
$v - Volume/sequential designation (NR)
$w - Bibliographic record control number (R)
$x - International Standard Serial Number (NR)
$0 - Authority record control number (R)
$3 - Materials specified (NR)
$4 - Relator code (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Author/title series added entry in which the author portion is a personal name.

An 800 field is usually justified by a series statement (field 490) or a general note (field 500) relating to the series. For reproductions, it may be justified by a series statement in subfield ‡f of field 533 (Reproduction Note).


Description of the first indicator position and all subfield codes, as well as input conventions for the 800 field are given in the X00 Personal Names-General Information section. Because the second indicator is different for various fields, it is not described in the general information section, but is described below.


First Indicator - Type of personal name entry element
Second Indicator - Undefined
Undefined and contains a blank (#).
# - Undefined


490 1#$aTeachings of the feathered serpent ;$vbk. 1
800 1#$aBerenholtz, Jim,$d1957-$tTeachings of the feathered serpent ;$vbk. 1.
490 1#$aGesammelte Werke / Edgar Allan Poe ;$v1. Bd.
800 1#$aPoe, Edgar Allan,$d1809-1849.$tWorks. $lGerman.$f1922.$sRosl ;$v1. Bd.
490 1#$aThe James Joyce archive
800 1#$aJoyce, James,$d1882-1941.$tJames Joyce archive.
490 1#$aEdible wild plants of the planet earth
800 1#$aDarnell, Jack.$tEdible wild plants of the planet earth.
490 1#$aGellerman effective supervision series
800 1#$aGellerman, Saul W.$tGellerman effective supervision series.
490 1#$aLouie Armstrong ;$v6.
800 1#$aArmstrong, Louis,$d1900-1971.$4prf$tLouie Armstrong (Universal City Studios) ;$v6.
800 1#$aNegt, Oskar$tSchriften.$vBd. 2$w(DE-101b)967682460

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