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866 - Textual Holdings-Basic Bibliographic Unit (R)

MARC 21 Holdings - Concise

Textual description of the holdings of a basic bibliographic unit in the collections of the reporting organization. It may be used instead of or in addition to field 863 (Enumeration and Chronology Basic Bibliographic Unit) and any related field 853 (Captions and Pattern--Basic Bibliographic Unit) to record and/or display all or part of the holdings.

Guidelines for applying the content designators for field 866 are given in the 866-868 Textual Holdings--General Information section.

866 31$80$a1-86 (1941-1987)$xbound in 2 v. per year$zSome issues missing
866 31$80$a1974-1981$zSome issues lost
866 31$80$av. 36-49 (1961-1974)$xincomplete vols. unbound$zsome issues missing
866 31$82$av. 37-52$zBound; some issues missing
866 31$80$av. 1-4 (1941-1943), v. 6-86 (1945-1987)$xbound in 2 v. per year$zSome issues missing
866 37$81$as=[1832:10:17-1899:3:31]$zScattered issues wanting$2usnp
866 37$81$am,s=[1955:8:11-1956:11:22][1960:10:20-1984:2:2]$i1942-1944$2usnp

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