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867 - Textual Holdings-Supplementary Material (R)

MARC 21 Holdings - Concise

Textual description of the holdings of supplementary material in the collections of the reporting organization. It may be used instead of or in addition to field 864 (Enumeration and Chronology--Supplementary Material) and any related field 854 (Captions and Pattern--Supplementary Material) to record and/or display all or part of the holdings.

Guidelines for applying the content designators defined for field 867 and input conventions are given in the 866-868 Textual Holdings-General Information section.

867 40$80$aSupplements 1910-1916$zBound with other issues for the year
867 30$80$aSupplements to v. 1-7 (1942-1948)$zbound in one volume
867 31$80$aca. 300 pieces
867 30$80$aSupplements to v. 1-7 (1942-1948)$zBound in one volume

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