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765 - Synthesized Number Components (R)

MARC 21 Classification - Concise

Information about how a synthesized number or a portion of a synthesized number was built. It traces the different components of a synthesized number, showing the different portions of the number and where the add instructions are given. If a number was built using two or more instructions, a separate field 765 is given for each instruction.

The information in this field is primarily intended to serve as a tracing of how classification numbers are synthesized to assist classifiers. It facilitates computer manipulation of synthesized numbers, both for validation that the numbers have been synthesized correctly and for index-building, to allow searching every use of a specific number.

First - Field of number analyzed
0 - 153 field
1 - Other field
Second - Undefined
# - Undefined
Subfield Codes
$a - Number where instructions are found-single number or beginning number of span (R)
$b - Base number (R)
Base classification number to which one or more other numbers are added. In many instances it may be the same as subfield $a. When two or more additions are used to build one number, the base number for the second and following 765 fields is the number resulting from the immediately preceding addition.
$c - Classification number--ending number of span (R)
$f - Facet designator (R)
Extra character(s) to be added to classification numbers that indicate facets.
$r - Root number (R)
Initial digits of the pattern number or span when these digits are not added. If this subfield is present, subfield $s or $t must also be present to specify the digits that are added.
$s - Digits added from classification number in schedule or external table (R)
$t - Digits added from internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$u - Number being analyzed (R)
Repeated when the same 765 field is applicable to more than one number appearing in the same record. If the number being analyzed is in field 153 (Classification Number), indicated by value 0 in the first indicator, this subfield need not be used unless both numbers in a classification number span are being analyzed.
$v - Number in internal subarrangement or add table where instructions are found (R)
$w - Table identification-Internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$y - Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$z - Table identification (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
765 0#$b362.196994$a616.9942$c616.9949$r611$s2
765 0#$b346.046$a346.046$r333$s95
765 0#$b346.04695$a333.7$w333.7$t16
765 0#$b372.1$a372.11$c372.18$r371$s1
765 0#$b372.11$a371.1008$c371.1009$f0$z1$s092
765 1#$b787.2$a784$c788$w784$c788$t1$u787.219369
765 1#$b787.21$a784$c788$v18$c19$r784.1$s9369$u787.219369
765 0#$b255.9$a255.91$c255.97$r271.9$s1$u255.91
765 0#$b255.9$a255.91$c255.97$r271.9$s7$u255.97
765 1#$b255.9$a255.91$c255.97$r271.9$s72$u255.972$u255.97200941$u255.97206
765 1#$b255.972$a255.1$c255.7$f0$z1$s09$u255.97200941
765 1#$b255.972009$z1$a093$c099$z2$s41$u255.97200941
765 1#$b255.972$a255.1$c255.7$w255.1$c255.7$t06$u255.97206

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