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761 - Add or Divide Like Instructions (R)

MARC 21 Classification - Concise

Information necessary to construct a classification number by adding numbers from other parts of a schedule or from a table or by basing it on numbers defined in other parts of a schedule (dividing it the way numbers in other parts of the schedule are divided).

First - Undefined
# - Undefined
Second - Combined note types
0 - Not a combined note
1 - Add or divide like portion of a combined note
2 - Class elsewhere portion of a combined note
3 - Relocation portion of a combined note
Subfield Codes
$a - Number where instructions are found-single number or beginning number of span (R)
$b - Base number (NR)
$c - Classification number-ending number of span (R)
$d - Divided like number (R)
$e - Example class number (R)
$f - Facet designator (R)
$i - Explanatory text (R)
$n - Negative example class number (R)
Example of the incorrect classification number for the topic used to illustrate the add or divide like instruction.
$r - Root number (R)
Initial digits of the pattern number or span when these digits are not added. If this subfield is present, subfield $d (Divided like number) must also be present to specify the digits that are added.
$t - Topic (R)
$x - Other classification number (R)
Classification numbers other than those that belong in one of the other defined subfields. If the number is part of a classification number span, subfield $c is used for the ending number in the span.
$y - Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$z - Table identification (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
761 #0$iAdd country number in table to$b910
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b025.29$inotation$z2$d1$c9$ifrom Table 2, e.g., acquisition of materials from Latin America$e025.298
761 #1$81.1$iAdd to base number$b338.17$ithe numbers following$r63$iin$d633$c638,$ie.g., rice or seed rice$e338.17318,$iforestry$e338.1749,$iforest products$e338.17498 ;$ihowever,
761 #2$81.2$ifor supply of timber in nature, see$x333.7511;
761 #2$81.3$ifor demand for timber, see$x333.7512
761 #1$81.1$iAdd to base number$b660.2844$ithe numbers following$r547.2$iin$d547.21$c547.29,$ie.g., fermentation$e660.28449 ;$ihowever,
761 #3$81.2$ipolymerization relocated from$x660.28448$ito$x668.92
761 #1$81.1$iAdd to base number$b333.85$ithe numbers following$r553$iin$d553.2$c553.9,$ie.g., tin$e333.85453,$iuranium$e333.854932 ;$ihowever,
761 #2$81.2$ifor fossil fuels, see$x333.82;
761 #2$81.3$ifor groundwater, see$x333.9104
761 #1$81.1$iAdd to base number$b759$ithe numbers following$z2$r4$iin notation$z2$d43$c48$ifrom Table 2, e.g., painting and paintings of France$e759.4 ;$ihowever,
761 #3$81.2$iindividual painters from countries of former Soviet Central Asia relocated from$x759.7$ito$x759.9584$c759.9587
761 #0$iAdd as instructed under$a102$c107
761 #0$iAdd country number in table to$bNB200
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b025.06$inotation$d001$c999,$ie.g., MEDLINE$e 025.0661
761 #0$iDivide like$dND1309$cND1309.6
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b016 notation$d001$c999,$ie.g., bibliographies of philosophy$e016.1,$iof novels$e016.80883
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b780.0$ithree-digit notation$d001$c999,$ie.g., music and literature$e780.08,$imusic and Welsh literature$e780.0891$i(not$n780.089166),$imusic and the performing arts$e780.079$i(not$n780.07902)
761 #0$iAdd$f00$ifor standard subdivisions; see instructions at beginning of Table 1
761 #0$iSubarrange like$dQC793.5.A22$cQC793.5.A229
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b88$ias instructed at beginning of Table 3, e.g., a collection of classical Greek literature$e880.8;$ihowever, observe the special interpretations of and exceptions to notation from Table 3 that appear below, e.g., classical Greek poetry of the ancient period$e881.01,$iclassical Greek epic poetry and fiction of the ancient period$e883.01
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b014$ithe numbers following$r03$iin$d031$c039$i(but not notation 02 for books of miscellaneous facts), e.g., bibliographies and catalogs of anonymous and pseudonymous works in Russian$e014.71
761 #0$iAdd to base number$b025.29$inotation$z2$d1$c9$ifrom Table 2, e.g.,$tacquisition of materials from Latin America$e025.298
761 #1$81.1$iAdd to base number$b755$ithe numbers following$r704.948$iin$d704.9482$c704.9489,$ie.g., paintings of Holy Family$e755.56$i; however,
761 #0$iAdd to$z4$b24$inotation$z6$d1$c9$ifrom Table 6, e.g., French words in the language$z4$e2441,$iFrench words in English$e422.441

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