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763 - Internal Subarrangement or Add Table Entry (R)

MARC 21 Classification - Concise

One entry in an internal classification subarrangement or add table. The entry may consist of a classification number and its associated caption, a note, or a see reference. A classification number that is part of an external table is recorded in field 153 (Classification Number) with the table identification recorded in subfield $z (Table identification) of that field. An internal table may also be coded as an external one and identified in subfield $z of field 153 to the record to which it applies. In this case, the table which provides the arrangement for or addition to the classification number or number span recorded in 153 is recorded in subfield $z of this field.

First - Classification number validity
0 - Not a classification number entry
1 - Standard valid classification number
2 - Standard invalid classification number
3 - Optional valid classification number
4 - Optional invalid classification number
5 - Obsolete classification number
Second - Type of classification number
0 - Single number
1 - Defined number span
2 - Summary number span
8 - Other
Subfield Codes
$a - Classification number-single number or beginning number of span (R)
$b - Base number (NR)
$c - Classification number-ending number of span (R)
$d - Divided like number (R)
$e - Example class number (R)
$h - Caption hierarchy (R)
Caption for each higher level of the caption hierarchy that precedes the caption in subfield $j (Caption) that is associated with a classification number as part of an internal subarrangement entry. A caption for a classification number in a summary number span in the Dewey Decimal Classification is contained in subfield $k (Summary number span caption hierarchy).
$i - Explanatory text (R)
$j - Caption (R)
$k - Summary number span caption hierarchy (R)
Caption at a level higher than the last for a summary number span in the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. Caption hierarchies for a single classification number, defined number span, or other type of summary number span are contained in subfield $h.
$m - Manual note (NR)
Note from a classification manual that is part of an internal classification subarrangement. A reference from a schedule internal subarrangement to a manual is recorded in subfield $i (Explanatory text).
$n - Number where instructions are found (R)
$p - Corresponding classification field (R)
Field tag of the field in which the internal subarrangement data would appear if it were not part of an internal subarrangement. May be repeated for option notes to show that the note would appear in field 683 (Application Instruction Note) or in some other field if it were not an option.
$r - Root number (R)
Initial digits of the pattern number or span when these digits are not added. If this subfield is present, subfield $d must also be present to specify the digits that are added.
$s - See reference (R)
Classification number to which a see reference in an internal classification subarrangement refers.
$x - Other classification number (R)
Classification numbers other than those that belong in one of the other defined subfields.
$y - Type of division (R)
Type of division to which a table specified in subfield $z applies.
$z - Table identification (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
763 08$81.3$iIncluding state documents$p680
763 08$81.34$iClass here comprehensive works on emergency therapy for specific diseases or kinds of diseases$p680
763 50$81.9$a[0459]$hSpecial topics$hPhysical chemistry$jChemical reactions$iRelocated to$x547.2$p685
763 08$81.14$i5 nos.
763 18$81.61$a071$ivs.$a01$jEtiology vs. Microbiology$p684
763 08$81.12$iAdd to$b21$ithe numbers following$r352.1$iin$d352.105$c352.19,$ie.g., international administration$e211$p761
763 10$81.3$a62$kSpecific forms of action$hControl$jStandards
763 08$81.9$iDo not use; class in$s027$p253
763 08$81.16$iAdd to$b009$ithe numbers following$z2$r1$iin notation$z2$d11$c18$ifrom table 2, e.g., urban regions$e009732$p761
763 08$zG6041.S$yhistory
763 08$81.20$iClass persons of a specific period in$s01$c09,$iplus notation$z1$a092$ifrom Table 1;$p253
763 08$iUnder each:
763 30$81.29$a(5$j2000- )$p683
763 08$81.2$iAs modified under$x616.1$c616.9$p683 [. . .]
763 08$81.9$mDo not use$x06$mby itself under numbers whose meaning is limited to surgery, since surgery is a therapy. Add subdivisions of$x06$mto surgery numbers for specific physical therapies used in preparation for or rehabilitation from operative surgery, or for branches of surgery not limited to operative surgery, e.g., drug therapy in treatment of burns$x617.11061.$mUse notation$x06$mfreely under numbers not limited to surgery, e.g., ophthalmological therapy$x617.706.$p684 [...]

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