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453 - Invalid Number Tracing (R)

MARC 21 Classification - Concise

Tracing for a cross reference from an invalid classification number.

First - Source of classification number
0 - Schedule
1 - Table
Second - Undefined
# - Undefined
Subfield Codes
$a - Classification number element--single number or beginning number of span (R)
$c - Classification number element--ending number of span (R)
$h - Caption hierarchy (R)
Caption for each higher level of the caption hierarchy that precedes the caption for a classification number or span that is contained in subfield $j (Caption). The caption at the highest level is recorded in the first subfield $h. The caption at each successive level is recorded in sequence in separate subfields $h up to and including the level that precedes the caption contained in subfield $j. Captions for all levels of the hierarchy are recorded in the field. If the caption in subfield $j is the highest level of the hierarchy, subfield $h is not used. (However, some systems may wish to omit some levels of the hierarchy for display purposes.) A caption hierarchy for classification numbers in a summary number span in the Dewey Decimal Classification is contained in subfield $k (Summary number span caption hierarchy).
$i - Reference instruction phrase (NR)
See Tracings and References
$j - Caption (NR)
Lowest caption in the caption hierarchy for a classification number or span.
$k - Summary number span caption hierarchy (R)
Caption at a level higher than the last for a summary number span when the classification scheme identified in field 084 (Classification Scheme and Edition) is the Dewey Decimal Classification. Caption hierarchies for single classification numbers, defined numbers spans, or other types of summary number spans are contained in subfield $h. The last caption in the caption hierarchy for a summary number span in field 153 (008/07, Type of number, code c for summary number span) is recorded in subfield $j.
$t - Topic (NR)
Topic to which the tracing applies.
$w - Control subfield (NR)
See Tracings and References
/0 - Special relationship
/1 - Hierarchical relationship
/2 - Reference display
/3 - History reference
$y - Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$z - Table identification (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
453 0#$wj$aH61.5$hSocial Science (General)$hTheory. Method. Relation to other subjects$jStatistical methods
453 0#$wj$aNA3640.52$hArchitecture$hArchitectural decoration$jPainted decoration (Color use)
453 0#$wmnna$a621.3883320288$hTechnology (Applied sciences)$hEngineering and allied operations$hApplied physics$hElectrical, magnetic, optical, communications, computer engineering; electronics, lighting$hElectronics, communications engineering$kSpecific communications systems$hTelevision$hComponents and devices$hVideorecorders and videorecordings$hMiscellany$hAuxiliary techniques and procedures; apparatus, equipment, materials$jMaintenance and repair
453 1#$wm$z4$a0148$hSubdivisions of Individual Languages and Language Families$hPhilosophy and theory$hLanguage and communication$jAbbreviations and symbols$tabbreviations and symbols as part of writing systems
453 0#$wm$a130.112$h##$a133.3$hPhilosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology$hParapsychology and occultism$hPhilosophy and theory$hSystems$jForecasting and forecasts$tcomprehensive works on parapsychological and occult forecasting and forecasts
453 00$wj$aHD1501.2$hIndustries. Land use. Labor$hAgricultural economics$jLandlord
453 1#$wanna$z2$a71335$hGeographic Areas, Historical Periods, Persons$kSpecific continents, countries, localities; extraterrestrial worlds$kThe modern world; extraterrestrial worlds$hNorth America$hCanada$hOntario$kSouthern Ontario$hLake Erie region$jSt. Thomas
453 0#$wanna$a652.5$hTechnology (Applied sciences)$hManagement and auxiliary sciences$kAuxiliary services$hProcesses of written communication$jWord processing

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