AADE Members: Introducing your 2009 AADE President 

Listen to a message from your new AADE president, Marcia Draheim, RN, CDE, a long-time AADE leader from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. More

Share Your Views on Healthcare Reform with the Obama Transition Team 

This is an exciting time for healthcare providers. On the Obama transition team website, there is a full section dedicated to health care, which includes several videos, and a call to Americans to express their ideas about health care in the United States.  Submit your ideas about your role in the management and prevention of diabetes and the importance of the inclusion of DSMT in chronic disease management. Review AADE's position on Healthcare Reform and the Role of the Diabetes Educator.  

2009 Election: Call for nominations

We are currently conducting a search for leadership talent among our active AADE members for the 2009 election.  Please consider running or nominating potential candidates for AADE Officers, Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.  More 




Webinar: Advanced Carb Counting

This webinar will discuss techniques for advanced carbohydrate counting that can be used for effective pattern management and can determine insulin/carbohydrate ratios. More

Webinar: Advanced Pump Techniques

Quickly and easily learn how to effectively manage your patients' blood glucose and decrease risks of complications. This up-to-the-minute course will discuss the latest insulin pumps on the market and adaptive devises. More


Webinar: Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

Approximately 40% of people with diabetes also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This important course will explain the links between sleep apnea and diabetes, and help you provide quality care for these "double jeopardy" patients. More

CORE Concepts Course in Boston, MA

Earn up to 22 CE Credits in this intensive seminar for healthcare professionals at all experience levels. Explore the core science for diabetes education and learn to artfully apply these concepts to improve your patients' medical outcomes. More