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The mission of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center is to generate the scientific information and analysis necessary for the conservation, management, and utilization of the region's living marine resources.

News and Research Highlights

Auke Bay Lab Data Sets
Categories include contaminants & oil, enviromental measurements, groundfish, habitat, nutritional ecology & bioenergetics, and salmonid. More>
2008 Stock Assessments
2008 North Pacific Groundfish
Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2009 Fishery Recommendations. More>
Quarterly Research Reports
Research program reports for AFSC Divisions and Laboratories, July-September 2008. More>
2009 Seminar Series
These seminars are designed to highlight interdisciplinary, collaborative research and to spur innovative future research. More>
Cool Stuff
Juneau Humpback Catalog, Groundfish Survey Data, Glacial Ice Photos, Fish Ageing Demo, Rockfish Game, Fish & Invertebrate Photos
AFSC Divisions
"" Auke Bay Labs
"" Fisheries Monitoring & Analysis
"" National Marine Mammal Lab
"" Resource Assessment &
  Conservation Engineering
"" Resource Ecology & Fisheries
Research Programs
Information on the AFSC's research divisions, programs, projects, and plans.
General Info
Information about the AFSC mission, administration, directory, activities, facilities, directory, jobs, news, links
Information on species of fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and seabirds.
Citations database, stock assessments, tech memos, journal articles, research reports.
Data & Tools
Survey, catch, age and growth, life history, telemetry, interactive maps, spatial data, software.
Photos of fishes, crabs, corals, marine mammals, underwater video, slideshows, posters.
Education & Outreach
Iinformation on internships, careers, job shadow, K-12 science, species ID, and other outreach materials.
Quick Links

2009 Summer Internships Open through Feb. 6

Every summer the Alaska Fisheries Science Center provides exciting internship opportunities for students. This year the AFSC offers 15 internship openings through February 6. More>

freeman and dyson  

2008 Acoustic Survey of Gulf of Alaska Pollock

AFSC Processed Report: Results of February-March 2008 Echo Integration-trawl Surveys of Walleye Pollock Conducted in the Gulf of Alaska, Cruises MF2008-01 and OD2008-03. (pdf; 4MB)

sea and skyscape  

A Systemic Approach to Fisheries Management

This article condenses and highlights a vast literature on an alternative approach to management that accounts for the evolved nature of natural systems and finds sustainability in the selectivity and intensity of fishery harvests. More>

ribbon seal  

Status Review of Ribbon Seal

NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-AFSC 191: Status Review of the Ribbon Seal (Histriophoca fasciata) is a compilation of the best available information concerning the past, present, and future threats to this species.. More>

polar bear cubs on ice  

Beaufort Sea Survey Summary and Photo Gallery

The first dedicated fish survey of the Beaufort Sea was conducted summer 2008. The goals of the survey were to provide a baseline for analysis of the impacts of future oil and gas development there and for the study of climate change. More>

beam trawl catch  

Nursery Habitat of Newly Settled Flatfish

Recruitment Processes scientists participated in a cruise to understand the factors that are important in determining the transport and recruitment success of commercial and nontarget flatfish species in the eastern Bering Sea. More>

aerial image of right whale  

Pacific Right Whale Evaluation Study

The Cetacean Assessment and Ecology Program is conducting a multiyear study on the distribution, abundance, and habitat use of North Pacific right whales in the North Aleutian Basin and southeastern Bering Sea. More> .


Assessing Discard Mortality in Crabs

AFSC scientists are studying bycatch mortality in Alaska crabs. Six reflex actions indentified in Tanner crabs were reliable predictors of stress, and the suite of reflexes can be assessed in less than 30 seconds. More>

science camper  

Marine Education Workshop for Teachers K-12

Free 1-day workshop ont what NOAA Fisheries and Washington Sea Grant offer you as a teacher. Come learn about ocean literacy principals and hands-on activities directly related to NOAA science and policy.  13 February 2009. More>







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