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Trends in Health and Aging
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Welcome to Trends in Health and Aging

Our goal is to provide visitors with up-to-date information on trends in the health of older U.S. population. A major part of our site is tables on important topics in health and aging. The data come from a variety of sources in the Federal Government. The data are in easy-to-use Beyond 20/20 tables.

We invite you to browse through our site; there is no charge for any information.


Getting started:

  • Looking for data? We have data on health status measures, health care use and spending, life expectancy and much more. Click here to see the list of topics. Click on a topic name; find a table on a topic you want to explore; and click on the title. If the opening view doesn't show the data in the way you want, you can manipulate the tables. Our Instructions will tell you how.
  • There is also a Search function to help you find data on the topics you are interested in.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions answer the most common questions about using our site.
  • We have State level data on many topics.

Beyond the numbers:

  • Check out What's New and About Us to learn about what we do.
  • The Federal Forum on Aging Related Statistics evaluates statistical needs on the aging population and produces Older Americans 2004: Key Indicators of Well-Being, with charts on a variety of aging issues.
  • Aging Trends Reports are short reports on health issues, (e.g. nursing home use, oral health).
  • Learn about the Longitudinal Study on Aging. These are surveys of persons age 70 and over done in the 1980s and 1990s.  Respondents are being followed through linkage to mortality and other data. Learn about findings and data files for researchers.


We can visit you to give a presentation and workshop on using our data and on the latest trends in the health of the aging population. E-mail us if you are interested.


Contact us if you have questions or comments.

Thank you for visiting.  Our site is growing and changing, so we hope you'll come back soon.


Page Last Modified: December 09, 2008

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