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PHLP has released version three of the Public Health Emergency Law and Forensic Epidemiology training materials on CD-ROM. Please click on the banner above for more information.

Public Health Grand Rounds
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The "CDC Public Health Law News"

The CDC Public Health Law News is a weekly e-mail digest of current, worldwide news stories, court opinions, announcements and special features related to public health law and legislation. The News is free and available to anyone with an interest in public health law. For subscription information, or to read past issues, click here.

Public Health Law Conference

In 2002-2006, the CDC Public Health Law Program and partner organizations co-sponsored the annual series of conferences titled “The Public’s Health & the Law in the 21st Century: Annual Partnership Conference” and attended, in 2006, by more than 600 public health professionals, legislators and other public health policy makers, public health legal counsel, and colleagues from such closely related disciplines as emergency management, law enforcement, the judiciary, and research and education. Please click here to access the syllabi and proceedings of the 2002-2006.

The CDC Public Health Law Program currently is exploring with partners the possibility of holding a Public Health Emergency Legal Preparedness national summit in June 2007 with participants from multiple, diverse sectors. Please visit the Program’s website for updated information as this concept advances.

Community Legal Preparedness Initiative

Law plays a critical role in protecting Americans from public health emergencies--such as the anthrax attacks of October 2001, the SARS epidemic, and potential pandemic West Nile Virus and other infectious disease outbreaks. Law makes equally important contributions to chronic disese prevention,  environmental health protection, and prevention of injury and disability. Since 2001, public health attorneys have worked intensively to assess and update health agencies' "legal preparedness" for public health emergencies. However, health care attorneys have had few opportunities to learn the framework in which their clients-private and public hospitals and other health care organizations-would operate during an acute public health emergency. True community-wide legal preparedness hinges critically on close coordination between public health agencies and health care organizations-e.g.; in quarantine, vaccination, treatment of victims, etc. To help address the gap, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA), and the non-profit Public Health Law Association (PHLA) have partnered to develop the Community Public Health Legal Preparedness Initiative. To learn more about the initiative, click here.

Training and Education Resources

The Public Health Law Program develops and makes available for public use a growing portfolio of courses and other learning materials in applied public health law. This section of our website lists those resources as well as selected others, related materials that have been prepared by others and have been brought to our attention. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional training and education resources you would find useful. Click here to contact us.
These resources can be found on the training resources page.
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