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Audio, braille, and print/braille books for preschool through grade 8.

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Search Tips

  • Use author's last name or full name, complete title, or keyword
  • Use the question mark to shorten words: horse? will also find horses.

Authors, narrators, editors:

  • Osborne Mary Pope, or , mary pope osborne (Commas and capital letters are not necessary.)
  • Shakespeare or Avi (Last name will work alone.)
  • Gian? will find books narrated by Laura Giannarelli

Titles and series titles

  • wind in the willows (Enter words in the same order as in the title.)
  • oz (Finds Wizard of Oz, Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Ozma of Oz.)
  • magic tree house (Finds series title.)


  • Use word or phrase (such as, mystery, baseball, print/braille, Thanksgiving, or Spanish language) to search the complete catalog record.

Book number

  • RC 56456 or rc 56456; BR 14795 or br 14795 (Use a space between the letters and the numbers.)