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The Library of Congress staff suggested a rich variety of projects and activities to commemorate the Bicentennial. A sampling of the Bicentennial staff projects includes:

  • a Bicentennial time capsule;
  • the creation of flower beds typical of the period (1897) when the Thomas Jefferson Building was completed;
  • the planting of a Yoshino cherry tree on the grounds of the Jefferson Building;
  • the commissioning of a Bicentennial "Sousa-type" march;
  • the strengthening of the Library's archive of artifacts, memorabilia, manuscripts, and photographs that document its history;
  • decoration of a holiday tree with ornaments created by the staff or their immediate family;
  • distribution of Bicentennial bookmarks in the reading rooms featuring the Bicentennial logo and theme ("Libraries, Creativity, Liberty");
  • the publication of monthly features in the Library's weekly newspaper for staff, The Gazette, on the little-known contributions of staff to significant historical events;
  • The Wizard of Oz exhibition to celebrate the book's 100 years of copyright;
  • tours of the special collections given by curators;
  • the 5th Preservation Awareness Workshop.


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