Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative
Reports and Publications

* NIH Response to Community White Paper.  May 22, 2006
* Community White Paper: The Zebrafish & Disease Project:  Zebrafish as a model system to study and cure human diseases.  May 1, 2006
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* Rasooly, R.S., Henken, D.B., Freeman, N., Tompkins, L., Badman, D., Briggs, J., Hewitt, A.T., and the NIH Trans-NIH Zebrafish Coordinating Committee. (2003) Genomic Tools for Zebrafish Research:  The NIH Zebrafish Initiative.  Developmental Dynamics 228:490-496.
* 2nd Workshop on Genomic and Genetic Tools for the Zebrafish, April 1-2, 2002
* Meeting Report: Towards a Behavioral Genetics of Zebrafish, August 28-29, 1999
* Report from the Workshop on Genomic and Genetic Tools for the Zebrafish, May 10 and 11, 1999
* Report from the Zebrafish Genomics Initiative Grantees, March 16, 1999 Meeting
* Report from the NIH Nonmamalian Models Meeting, February 16, 1999, Zebrafish Breakout Group Recommendations
* Zebrafish Genomics Initiative Grantees Meeting, October 20, 1998
* Zebrafish Research: Activities at the NIH, The Zebrafish Science Monitor, Vol. 5 (June 15, 1998)