The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Title VII
June, 2004

Lloyd B. Zimmerman

Lloyd B. Zimmerman

Judge Lloyd B. Zimmerman represented the EEOC in high-profile cases, including several significant pattern and practice sex discrimination and sexual harassment cases. He also was lead attorney on the first EEOC male-on-male sexual harassment case to go to trial as well as the first EEOC case brought on behalf of undocumented workers. Currently serving as District Court Judge in Hennepin County (MN), Judge Zimmerman graduated from the University of Illinois and the New York University Law School, where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar (scholarship awarded to students committed to public service). Judge Zimmerman worked initially as a legal aid lawyer at the Mille Lacs reservation before joining the EEOC, worked for the EEOC as a trial lawyer for 21 years, headed the 800-member Minnesota State Bar Association Labor and Employment Section, and recently was awarded the Hennepin County Bar Association's Pro Bono Publico Public Sector Award for exemplary commitment to providing legal services to disadvantaged members of the community.

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