Equal Employment Opportunity Program

National Archives EEO Officials

Director, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Programs (EEOD)

Serves as the principle advisor to the Archivist of the United States on all equal employment opportunity matters and manages the National Archives-wide EEO program, providing leadership in all EEO program elements, including Affirmative Action Employment and Special Emphasis Programs. The EEOD serves as advisor and consultant to all levels of National Archives management and employees, and administers the discrimination complaint process.

  • Robert D. Jew, Director of EEO/Diversity Programs
    Suite 4400, Archives II

Affirmative Employment/Diversity Program Manager (AEP)

Provides National Archives-wide guidance and direction for the development and implementation of Diversity training and the Affirmative Action Program, including Special Emphasis Programs (i.e., Federal Women's Program; Hispanic Employment Program; Individuals/ Veterans with Disabilities Program, and the Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program). The AEP Manager also provides agency-wide guidance and direction for the development and implementation of affirmative employment strategies designed to increase the representation of minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities in occupations and grade levels for which under representation exists.

  • Allison Darnaby, AEP/Diversity Manager
    Suite 4400, Archives II

Complaints Program Manager

Manage the agency’s EEO discrimination complaint program. As appropriate, review Counselor's Reports, accept and prepare cases for investigation. Review Reports of Investigation (ROIs) prepared by contract investigators for thoroughness and sufficiency, prepare Final Agency Decisions and ensure that complaints are processed timely and appropriately after ROIs are issued.

Administer reporting and tracking systems necessary for the effective monitoring and evaluation of office activities; and implement reporting and data systems prescribed by the agency or other regulatory agencies.

Coordinate and conduct EEO-related trainings to both managers and employees.

  • Tammie Johnson, Complaints Program Manager
    Suite 4416, Archives II

EEO Assistant

  • Damishia R. Foster, Complaints and Diversity Assistant/EEO Counselor
    Suite 4400, Archives II
    301-837-3411 TDD or voice

EEO Counselor

Assists and assigns National Archives' EEO Counselors in the informal complaints process which seeks resolution of alleged discrimination based, on race, color, religion, gender (including sexual harassment and sexual orientation), national origin, age, disability (mental and physical) and/or reprisal for prior EEO activity.

Promotes use of RESOLVE (mediation process) for settling disputes related to EEO.

  • Shaun Walker, Staff EEO Counselor
    Archives II, Suite 4400

EEO Counselors (Collaterally assigned)

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