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Mutual aid agreements can be effective tools to assist U.S. state and local governments, Tribes, Canadian provinces, First Nations, and Mexican states in sharing information, data, supplies, resources, equipment, or personnel for the purpose of protecting the public’s health.  Resources which can be accessed here include:
A Menu of Suggested Provisions for Public Health Mutual Aid Agreements
An Inventory of Mutual Aid Agreements and Related Resources
There are currently several agreements in the works; please visit often to get the updates. All current additions will be posted and highlighted on this page (under "new" in the box to the right).

If you have any questions or just want to chat about Mutual Aid, drop me a line!

Dan Stier, JD
email:  dstier@cdc.gov 
Phone:  404.639.4680

New Stuff

States Collaborate With Tribes in Public Health Preparedness Activities

The CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreements with certain states include provisions relating to state-tribal collaboration in meeting public health preparedness goals. One state is setting aside funds to support a tribal preparedness coordinator, an emergency medical planner, and a half-time program manager. Funds for tribal planning and training materials and travel are also being provided. Tribal access to these funds will facilitate coordination of preparedness plans and processes between the Native healthcare system, the State, and federal partners. Similarly, another state is providing funding to support tribal preparedness activities, including employment of a tribal public health preparedness coordinator. In turn, tribes agree to develop preparedness plans and participate in quarterly meetings and monthly conference calls, consider execution of mutual aid agreements with local jurisdictions, ensure that tribal preparedness personnel and volunteers support public health response functions and are compliant with NIMS requirements, and encourage tribal participation in preparedness exercises. For detailed descriptions of the provisions, click here.

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