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All About ATSDR

    About ATSDR
    This fact sheet outlines the activities that ATSDR does in a community that may be exposed to hazardous substances. Included are: how the Agency becomes involved with a site, how our role in helping communities is different from EPA's role, what the Agency cannot do to help a community, and more.
    To find out more, go to About ATSDR
    This Fact Sheet answers questions about chemical exposures.
    To find out more, go to Exposure
    Public Health Hazard Categories
    Depending on the specific properties of the contaminant, the exposure situations, and the health status of individuals, a public health hazard may occur.
    To find out more, go to Public Health Hazard Categories
    Public Health Advisories
    This fact sheet answers questions about what an advisory is and what happens after.
    To find out more, go to Public Health Advisories.
    Health Consultations
    An ATSDR Health Consultation is not the same thing as a medical exam, a community health study, or a Public Health Assessment. 
    To find out more, go to Health Consultations
    Medical Monitoring
    The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act provides for the Administrator of ATSDR to initiate a health surveillance program for populations at significant increased risk of adverse health effects as a result of exposure to hazardous substances released from a facility. This special program is called medical monitoring.
    Public Health Assessments
    An ATSDR Public Health Assessment reviews available information about hazardous substances at a site and evaluates whether exposure to them might cause any harm to people. To find out more, go to Public Health Assessment
    Petitioned Public Health Assessments
    Answers the questions "What is a Public Health Assessment," explains the petition process, and additional information.
    To find out more, go to Petitioned Public Health Assessments
    Community Assistance Panels
    The CAP is a way for the community to participate directly in ATSDR's evaluation and make sure community concerns are addressed in any ATSDR report.
    To find out more, go to Community Assistance Panels

This page updated April 15, 2003