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The Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health (SciPICH):

Staffed by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the panel is comprised of 14 national experts from a variety of disciplines related to interactive technologies and health, including medicine, human-computer interaction, public health, communication sciences, educational technology, and health promotion.  Federal and external liaison groups representing more than 24 federal agencies and offices within and outside of DHHS and 25 non-federal or private sector organizations respectively, provide assistance to the SciPICH in developing, reviewing, and disseminating its work.

Since 1996, the panel has met several times a year to discuss and review its collaborative work and related products, such as this Web site. The general goal of the panel is to accelerate the appropriate development, adoption, use, and evaluation of IHC applications. The panel's final report will be published early in 1999.

Source:  The Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health, October 1997