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1995 Institute on Critical Issues in Health Laboratory Practice:
Frontiers in Laboratory Practice Research

Prologue - Dr. Carlyn L. Collins - PDF (10K)

Keynote Address

Key Issues in Measuring the Quality of Health Services
- William L. Roper - PDF (90K)

Plenary Sessions

  1. The Challenge of Laboratory Practice Research
    - Dr. Carlyn L. Collins - PDF (120K)
  2. Laboratory Issues in Private Practice
    - Frank Reed - PDF (104K)
  3. Quality Laboratory Performance
    - Ronald Laessig - PDF (58K)
  4. The Impact of Laboratory Practice on Patient Outcomes
    - David Wilkinson - PDF (43K)
  5. Methodologies and Strategies in Laboratory Practice Research
    - Dr. Thomas L. Hearn- PDF (44K)
  6. Technological Frontiers In Lab Practice
    - Robert Habig - PDF (447K)
  7. The Future: Managed Care/Health Care Reform
    - Frank Elevitch - PDF (122K)

Workshop Sessions

Workshop 1: Proficiency Testing - PDF (230K)

  1. The Validity of Proficiency Testing: A Review of Data from the College of American Pathologists Laboratory Improvement Programs
    - Noel S. Lawson, M.D.- PDF(48K)
  2. Performance in Proficiency Testing: An Indicator of Laboratory Quality?
    - Robert Rej, Ph.D.- PDF(91K)
  3. Achieving and Assessing Acceptable Analytical Performance: The Challenge of Matrix Effects
    - Fred D. Lasky, Ph.D.- PDF(74K)
  4. Proficiency Testing 1995-2000: Educational Tool, Quality Control Tool, Managment Tool, or a Regulatory Tool?
    - Sharon S. Ehrmeyer, Ph.D.- PDF(22K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 1: Proficiency Testing
    - Facilitator, Paul Bachner, M.D.- PDF(18K)

Workshop 2: Personnel - PDF (2144K)

  1. Clinical Laboratory Personnel Employment Patterns: Hiring Practices and Quality Issues
    - Karen R. Karni, Ph.D.- PDF(124K)
  2. A Prospective Study of Career Patterns of Medical Technologists: Preparation and Entry-Level Practice
    - Barbara M. Castleberry, Ph.D.- PDF(70K)
  3. Back to Basics: In-depth Interviews and Focus Groups as Methods for Assessing Technical Competence
    - K. Michael Peddecord, Dr.P.H.- PDF(71K)
  4. The Changing Structure of Work: Use of Work Teams
    - John D. Kraft- PDF(27K)
  5. Future Needs for a Clinical Laboratory Workforce
    - Glenda D. Price, Ph.D.- PDF(26K)
  6. Summary of Workshop 2: Personnel
    - Facilitator, Judith Barr, Sc.D.- PDF(23K)

Workshop 3: Quality Assurance - PDF (494K)

  1. Quality Assurance: Are Laboratories Assuring, Assessing, or Assuming the Quality of Clinical Testing Today?
    - James O. Westgard, Ph.D.- PDF(132K)
  2. Quality Managment of Pre- and Post-Analytical Processes in Laboratory Medicine
    - Ron B. Schifman, M.D.- PDF(90K)
  3. Are Phlebotomy Services Completely Satisfying Our Patient Customers?
    - George S. Cembrowski, M.D., Ph.D.- PDF(220K)
  4. Point-of-Care Testing and the Critical Care Nurse: Implementation of an Effective QA/QC Program
    - Lawrence S. Lamb, Jr., Ph.D., R.N.- PDF(29K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 3: Quality Assurance
    Facilitator, Devery Howerton, Ph.D.- PDF(21K)

Workshop 4: Detection of Problems Affecting Patient Outcome - PDF (233K)

  1. Analytic Performance Goals Based on Direct Effect of Analytical Bias on Medical Classification Decisions
    - George G. Klee, M.D., Ph.D.- PDF(74K)
  2. Prevention Effectiveness Case Study: Institutionalizing Prevention of Group B Streptococcal Infections
    - Anne Schuchat, M.D.- PDF(28K)
  3. The Development of Measures of Outcomes from a Clinical Laboratory Database
    - R. Peter Mallon, Ph.D.- PDF(118K)
  4. Laboratory Tests for Case-Finding in Ambulatory Care: Application of a Conceptual Framework
    - Marc D. Silverstein, M.D.- PDF(28K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 4: Detection of Problems Affecting Patient Outcome
    - Facilitator, Robert Kisabeth, M.D.- PDF(13K)

Workshop 5: Establishing Analytical Performance Goals for the Laboratory - PDF (162K)

  1. The Establishment and Dissemination of Quality Goals
    - Callum G. Fraser, Ph.D.- PDF(29K)
  2. Analytical Goals in New and Non-Traditional Clinical Laboratory Techniques
    - Charles R. Handorf, M.D., Ph.D.- PDF(33K)
  3. Use of Analytical Goals by Health Care Manufacturers
    - Jan S. Krouwer, Ph.D.- PDF(28K)
  4. Analytical Goals, the Total Testing Process, and Patient Outcomes
    - Derek P. Lehane, Ph.D.- PDF(79K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 5: Establishing Analytical Performance Goals
    - Facilitator, Peter Howanitz, M.D.- PDF(23K)

Workshop 6: Measuring the Impact of Change on Laboratory Testing - PDF (468K)

  1. Lab Practice Changes: Diagnostic Medicine by the 21st Century
    - Robert E. Hannan- PDF(39K)
  2. Measuring the Impact of Change on Laboratory Testing
    - Jon Counts, Ph.D.- PDF(409K)
  3. Researching Change in Laboratory Systems
    - Thomas E. Getzen, Ph.D.- PDF(33K)
  4. Medical Practice Changes
    - Jan W. Steiner, M.D.- PDF(9K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 6: Measuring the Impact of Change on Laboratory Testing
    - Facilitator, Daniel Baer, M.D.- PDF(12K)

Workshop 7: Laboratory Focused Health Systems Research - PDF (171K)

  1. Health Care Information Systems: Foundations for Future Research
    - Kathleen C. Aller- PDF(40K)
  2. Deploying Information Technologies for Better Laboratory Use and Patient Outcomes: 20 Years at One Academic Medical Center
    - William M. Tierney, M.D.- PDF(55K)

  3. Hospital Systems That Put Patients at Risk
    - Christine Diehl- PDF(54K)
  4. Role of the Laboratory Professional - New Opportunities
    - Jay M. McDonald, M.D.- PDF(30K)
  5. Summary of Workshop 7: Laboratory Focused Health Systems Research
    - Facilitator, Steve Teutsch, M.D.- PDF(24K)

Workshop 8: Establishing Medically Relevant Performance Goals for the Laboratory - PDF (278K)

  1. Medically Relevant Laboratory Performance Goals: An Overview
    - David L. Witte, M.D., Ph.D.- PDF(56K)
  2. Cognitive Limitations and Methods for Improving Judgments: Implications for Establishing Medically Relevant Performance Goals
    - Neal V. Dawson, M.D.- PDF(51K)
  3. Probabilistic Aspects of Medical Testing: Test Results, Test Performance and Medical Decision Making
    - George R. Bergus, M.D.- PDF(66K)
  4. A Success Story for the Biomedical Model: Improved Understanding of Pathophysiologic Process Coupled with Improved Analytical Procedures   - Joseph H. Keffer, M.D.- PDF(33K)
  5. A New Arena for Clinically Related Performance Goals: The Case of Cholesterol Managment...or Is the Laboratory Responsible for Ensuring Quality Patient Care? - Gordon Schectman, M.D.- PDF(52K)
  6. Summary of Workshop 8: Establishing Medically Relevant Performance Goals for the Laboratory
    - Facilitator- David L. Witte, M.D., Ph.D.- PDF(20K)

Epilogue - Dr. Thomas L. Hearn - PDF (10K)

This page last reviewed: 7/12/2004
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