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The following SciPICH members, staff, and volunteers worked closely together over the past year to create a Web site that would illustrate and reinforce the panel's work. The SciPICH Web team welcomes suggestions and encourages you to help guide the ongoing development of this site.

  • Anne Restino, MA - SciPICH Web Project Manager
  • Tom Eng, VMD, MPH - SciPICH Study Director
  • Farrokh Alemi, PhD - SciPICH Panel Member
  • Paul Kim - SciPICH Research Assistant
  • Andrew Maxfield, PhD - Research Fellow, NIOSH/CDC
  • John Studach, PhD Candidate - National Center for Health Fitness, American University

The SciPICH Web team would like to thank all panel members, especially Farrokh Alemi, Tom Robinson, David Gustafson, and David Ansley, for their content contributions and guidance. 

We also thank the staff at the National Health Information Center for providing us with graphics and ongoing technical support.

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About SciPICH - button/link

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