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FOIA Request Status

Enter the fiscal year and ID number of the FOIA request then click 'Submit' to find out its status*

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If you don’t have your assigned FOIA number or need further assistance, just call the CDC/ATSDR FOIA Office at (404) 639-7270.

CDC and ATSDR have adopted the court-approved, Department of Justice approved practice of handling FOIA requests on a “first-in, first-out” basis. The processing time for your request will depend on where the request falls in the queue of our three processing tracks (simple, complex or expedited) and upon the processing complexity of the requests ahead of yours. Because of this, some FOIA request numbers may appear to have been handled out of sequence; that is not the case. Every effort will be made to provide a response to you as quickly as possible.

*Fiscal year is the first two numbers and request ID is the second set of numbers you have been provided. Entering FOIA is not necessary. Requests from FY 06 will not have a fiscal year shown in the request ID.

Page last modified: August 11, 2008