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ATSDR 2001 Archived  Announcements

    Please note that you are entering an area of historical, archived information. The information contained in these press releases, while accurate at the time of release, may not be the most current available.

    Please contact the ATSDR Media Office at 770-488-0700 or to obtain information on the most current releases on your topic or site of interest.

    2001 Media Announcements

    December 2001: Pregnant at LeJeune? ATSDR has surveyed more than 12,200 women who were pregnant while living in base housing at the marine corps base at Camp LeJeune, NC, from 1968 - 1985. Officials hope to survey 1,000 additional women by the end of 2001. Details.

    December 2001: Our mission has changed and our service to YOU grows stronger! ATSDR's mission statement and ATSDR's 2002 - 2007 Strategic Plan highlights the agency's key programs and initiatives.

    November 30, 2001: Curious about environmental contamination surrounding the Middlesex Sampling Plant in Middlesex, NJ? ATSDR's draft public health assessment is now available. Details.

    November 1, 2001: Good news for residents living near the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant in Wilmington, IL. ATSDR's Public Health Assessment found the plant poses no apparent public health hazard. Details

    October 31, 2001:Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, poses no public health hazard but continued local advisory on fish consumption is advised. See the Draft Public Health Assessment and Press Release for more information.

    October 16, 2001:The on-base drinking water supply is safe at Marine Corps Logistic Base in Albany, GA. Details.

    October 15, 2001: No public health hazards were found for nearby residents of the Carolina Solite Corporation facility in Albermarle, NC. Details.

    October 12, 2001: A mixed bag of environmental news for nearby residents of the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, PA. Details.

    October 12, 2001: Evaluation of private well water and indoor/outdoor air along Cady Road in North Royalton, OH, indicates no contaminants at levels which would likely make people sick. Media Release; Public Availability Session

    September 23, 2001: ATSDR determined that drinking water on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, is safe to drink. In other news, an international review panel of scientific experts met in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to review a heart study on Vieques fishermen. Details

    September 23, 2001: The Brownfields 2001 convention co-sponsored by ATSDR takes place in Chicago September 24-26, 2001. Details Exiting ATSDR

    September 12, 2001: September 7 was the last day for FREE asbestos medical testing in Libby, Montana. More than 1,000 people took advantage of this second round of ATSDR-sponsored testing. Details

    September 12, 2001: Community members of Sheridan, Oregon, are invited to talk with ATSDR staff about environmental health concerns related to the Taylor Lumber Treatment site at a public availability session on September 11, 2001. Details

    August 23, 2001: ATSDR recently presented the results of its public health consultation for the U.S. Air Force Bucks Harbor Radar Tracking Station site in Machiasport, Maine. Details

    August 22, 2001: Any day now! Results of an exposure investigation in the Simpsonville - Fountain Inn area of South Carolina are pending. Earlier tests determined some residents had elevated uranium levels from drinking from contaminated private wells. Details.

    August 22, 2001: September 7 was the last day for FREE asbestos medical testing in Libby, Montana. More than 1,000 people took advantage of this second round of ATSDR-sponsored testing. Details

    August 20, 2001: ATSDR announced the conclusion of its 2001 medical testing program for asbestos-related health effects in Libby, MT. Details.

    August 20, 2001: ATSDR is currently reviewing public comments on its Draft Public Health Response Plan for the Stauffer Chemical Company site in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Details

    August 11, 2001: Independence, Missouri, residents who live near the U.S. Army Lake City Ammunition Plant are not being exposed to dangerous levels of contaminants from the facility. Details

    July 30, 2001: What are the potential health effects of contaminants in the environment? Find the answers in our newly revised ToxFAQs.™

    July 30, 2001: How many U.S. children live within one mile of a hazardous waste site? Find this information and more about children's environmental health issues on our newly revised Child Health Home Page.

    July 30, 2001: Primary care providers and others can find information on evaluation of patients potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the environment at this new link. Case Studies in Environmental Medicine(CSEM)

    July 13, 2001: Blood samples collected by ATSDR from 410 children living in the Anniston, Alabama, area are being analyzed for the presence of lead. Samples were collected from children 6 years of age and younger between April 24 and May 16, 200l. When the test results are obtained from the laboratory, ATSDR will notify parents and pediatricians by mail. If ATSDR finds a child with lead blood levels above 10 micrograms per deciliter, the child's parents will be notified so the Alabama Department of Public Health can recommend further screening. Later this summer, elected officials and community members in Anniston will be provided copies of a draft report summarizing the information collected through this program.

    July 13, 2001: Children who repeatedly eat unusually large amounts of soil, also known as soil-pica children, were the focus of an ATSDR workshop in June 2000. To ensure the protection of children, ATSDR convened a workshop of expert panelists in June 2000, to provide information and recommendations about children who repeatedly eat unusually large amounts of soil. Panelists were asked to advise the agency about what is known about the following areas concerning soil-pica behavior: prevalence, soil ingestion rates, and methods for identifying soil-pica children. The resulting Soil-Pica Report summarizes the discussions that ensued among the panelists, along with their findings and recommendations to ATSDR.

    June 20, 2001:
    Other news from Kelly AFB, in cooperation with community members and community health and civic organizations, ATSDR hosted a health fair on June 27 followed by a public meeting in San Antonio, Texas. At the public meeting, ATSDR staff provided an overview of public health activities related to Kelly AFB. The health fair offered information on how to access various health services. Blood pressure checks and other health screenings, such as mammograms, were also available.

    June 15, 2001: Congressman Michael Bilirakis will host a town meeting with ATSDR on June 18, 2001, at 6:00 p.m. at the St. Petersburg Junior College in Tarpon Springs, Florida, 600 Klosterman Rd., Lyceum Auditorium #156. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss ATSDR's response to the ATSDR Ombudsman Report of Findings and Recommendations Regarding the Stauffer Chemical Company Site in Tarpon Springs (.pdf version) or (.html version). ATSDR will host a drop-in Open House the following day at the Tarpon Springs Library from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

    June 15, 2001: The next Oak Ridge Reservation Health Effects Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for June 11-12 at the Oak Ridge Mall, Crown Conference Center, Club Room (Suite 216) at 333 Main Street in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The discussion will focus on the Oak Ridge Health Studies (Task 1 Report), also known as the Iodine-131 Dose Reconstruction Report. A presentation will follow on combining information related to Oak Ridge Reservation releases of Iodine-131 with data related to fallout of Iodine-131 from testing nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site. For more information call LaFreta Dalton, toll free, at 1-888-42-ATSDR (1-888-422-8737), or Bill Murray, in the ATSDR Oak Ridge Field Office, (865) 220-0295 in Oak Ridge.

    May 29, 2001: May 31, 2001, is the deadline to comment on ATSDR's public health assessment regarding Carolina Solite Corporation's site near Norwood, North Carolina. The draft public health assessment concludes the site poses no current health risks. Copies are available at Stanly County Public Library branches in Albemarle and Norwood, located about 40 miles north of Charlotte. For more information call the library at (704) 986-3763. Questions? Contact ATSDR Representative Michelle Colledge at (404) 639-6016.

    May 29, 2001: What's in YOUR backyard? ATSDR's new interactive map server, GATHER™,can help you answer that question. GATHER™ provides interactive maps of hazardous sites. The maps include helpful data such as population, demographics, hydrology, and much more.

    May 29, 2001: Children playing in soil in and around Sugar Creek, Missouri, are NOT at risk for adverse health effects. That's according to ATSDR's health consultation on the Amoco Oil Company site in Sugar Creek released May 4, 2001. The document is available for public review at the Sugar Creek City Hall (815) 252-4400 and the Sugar Creek Library (816) 701-3645.

    May 22, 2001: Survey - Help us improve ATSDR's Web site by filling out the Online ATSDR Visitor Survey. We are interested in your opinion.

    April 30, 2001: Meeting Agenda - The tentative meeting agendas for Community/Tribal Subcommittee Meeting, May 1-2, 2001 and Board of Scientific Counselors Meeting, May 3-4, 2001 have been posted on the ATSDR Web site.