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PHLP has released version three of the Public Health Emergency Law and Forensic Epidemiology training materials on CD-ROM. Please click on the banner above for more information.

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Public Health Emergency
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The resources below are selected  tools developed by the CDC Public Health Law Program and partners for professionals' and policy makers' use in strengthening their organizations’ and jurisdictions’ legal preparedness for all-hazards public health emergencies.

Cross-Sector Collaboration Tools
The CDC / Bureau of Justice Assistance "Public Health and Law Enforcement Emergency Preparedness Workgroup" has released two tools designed to improve cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional preparedness for public health emergencies. The first, “A Framework for Improving Cross-Sector Coordination for Emergency Preparedness and Response: Action Steps for Public Health, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and the Judiciary,” details background on and opportunities for strengthening cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional emergency preparedness. The second is a guide for developing a memorandum of understanding for coordinated cross-sector implementation of community response measures to contagious respiratory diseases such as influenza.

More information and available documents  

Dismissal of School Children in the Context of Pandemic Influenza
In response to national pandemic preparedness priorities, CDC commissioned the independent Centers for Law and the Public's Health: A Collaborative at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities to review the state-level legal framework for reducing the density of school classrooms, with specific focus on closure of schools, as a social distancing or social mitigation measure to slow the spread of an H5N1 influenza pandemic or similar highly contagious infectious disease. The Centers’ researchers restricted their scope of inquiry to laws adopted at the state level and to laws that expressly address school closure. (The study did not address any relevant laws adopted at the local level, nor did it address any relevant general laws.) The Centers’ report Legal Preparedness for School Closures in Response to Pandemic Influenza and Other Emergencies presents a summary description of the express state laws reviewed by the researchers as of late 2006, together with the authors' observations about those laws (click here to view the report). The report is also accessible on the federal government's comprehensive pandemic influenza website (http://www.pandemicinfluenza.gov) and on the Centers' website (http://www.publichealthlaw.net).

In the News

Iowa schools stretch to meet nursing law
Des Moines Register     (11/10/08)     Staci Hupp

Dozens of school districts in Iowa are scrambling to meet the requirements of a 2007 law making school nurses mandatory. According to state records, at least 38 small school districts have no registered nurses on staff. The average salary for a registered nurse in Iowa is more than $35,000 a year -- a price many rural districts cannot afford. "There seems to be a shortage of [nurses] in all areas right now, and they could earn a pretty good wage going to the hospitals or clinics. How does the school compete with that?" asked Rick Pederson, superintendent of the Sumner and Fredericksburg school districts. The law does not specify a minimum number of hours per week the nurse must work, and some districts have gotten creative about meeting the requirement.

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