Geodynamics Branch


Global Seafloor Topography

The lastest estimated seafloor topography derived from
satellite altimetry and shipboard depth soundings.

Click here to see the lastest images available from
"Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry"

Marine Gravity Field Derived from Geosat

Marine Gravity from Geosat Poster is available from NGDC.

Digital Marine Gravity Field on CD-ROM The digital gravity field imaged in the above poster is available on the Global Relief CD-ROM.

Polar Marine Gravity Fields from the ERS-1 GM

Arctic Southern Ocean

Digital Polar Gravity Field The polar gravity fields are available in digital form.

New Arctic Marine Gravity Field from the ERS-1 and -2 Satellites


Digital Arctic Ocean Gravity Field

Predicted Seafloor Topography

Predicted Seafloor Topography Poster The latest in a series of color images derived from Geosat altimetry data.

Southern Oceans Geophysical Data CD-ROM The digital bathymetry field imaged in the above poster is available on the Southern Oceans Geophysical Data CD-ROM.

Gravity Atlas of the Southern Ocean

This gravity atlas was derived from Geosat radar altimeter data and includes images of ascending and descending deflections, and ETOPO5 topography. Features interpreted in the gravity field are correlated with tectonics of the seafloor.

Gravity Atlas

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