NOAA Administrator's Award, May 2002.

John Lillibridge with NESDIS Assistant Administrator Greg Withee

For rescuing the US Navy's Geosat Follow-On satellite altimeter mission and turning it into a successful program benefitting NOAA's oceanographic research and operations

Commerce Bronze Medal, Dec 1999.

Karen Marks and Dave McAdoo

For advancements in geophysics and tectonics of the Southern Oceans and Antarctic region using satellite altimeter data

Commerce Gold Medal, Dec 1997.

Commerce Secretary Daley, Ming Ji, C.K. Tai, John Kuhn, Bob Cheney, Laury Miller, John Lillibridge, Dave Behrenger, NOAA Administrator Baker.

For improving long-range El Nino forecasts by creating and implementing the NOAA satellite altimeter operational assimilation system.

Commerce Gold Medal, Dec 1995.

Walter Smith with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown

For scientific breakthroughs in the application of satellite altimeter and ship data to the estimation of seafloor topography in the southern ocean.

NOAA Administrator's Award, Nov 1993.

John Lillibridge

For outstanding achievement in creating and implementing NOAA's operational ERS-1 altimeter system.

Commerce Bronze Medal, Nov 1993.

Dave McAdoo, Karen Marks, Russ Agreen, Nancy Doyle, and Bob Cheney

For advancement of geophysics by preparing, analyzing, and disseminating Geosat geodetic mission altimeter data.

NOAA Administrator's Award, June 1989.

Robert Cheney

For outstanding achievement in using GEOSAT satellite altimeter data to obtain a new and revolutionary view of the 1986-87 El Nino.

Commerce Silver Medal, Oct 1987.

Robert Cheney, Bruce Douglas, Russ Agreen, and Laury Miller.

For advancement of oceanographic science by initiation and creative management of the NOAA GEOSAT project.