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Disclosure Statement

Name of Application: Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health Web site

Type of Application: Public Web site


  • Identity and organizational affiliation of developer/sponsor: 
    The Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health, an independent national expert panel convened and sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Contact information for developer/sponsor:
  • Source(s) of funding for development: 
    US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Does the application include paid advertisements, content, or links? 
    No advertisements of any type are included.


  • Specific purpose of application: 
    To provide independent information about the evaluation of interactive health communication and the activities of the Science Panel.
  • Target audience for the application: 
    All stakeholders involved in interactive health communication, including application developers, consumers, health- and technology-related organizations and companies, health professionals, and policymakers.


  • List the original source(s) of the content: 
    All content, except for links and submitted information, was developed by the Science Panel and staff. All citations are provided.


  • How users' confidentiality or anonymity will be protected and who will have access to collected personal data: 
    No personal data is collected by this site.


  • Was the effectiveness or impact of the application evaluated? 
    Formative evaluation of the site and contents was conducted during design. User feedback is used to improve the site and is being solicited continuously.
  • If yes, provide a summary of results (i.e., describe evaluation design/methods, study sample, key positive and negative results, identity and funding of evaluators, and whether published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal): 
    Information from formative evaluation identified minor problems in interface design that were corrected. To date, user feedback has resulted in minor corrections/modifications to the site.
  • How and/or where a report of the full evaluation results can be obtained: 
    No formal report has been produced.


Comments:   Updated: 05/01/08