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Computers and the Internet now allow people to turn to the World Wide Web, listservs, CD-ROMs, stand-alone kiosks, and dial-in online services to locate and share health information.  These interactive health communication (IHC) applications and technologies allow you to search for and select the health information you want, when you want it.  The panel encourages you to be aware of the quality of information offered by IHC applications and offers evaluation guidelines and resources throughout this site to use when selecting an interactive source of health information.

Potential Problems with IHC Applications
Not all health information is created equal, and not everything out there is correct!
Rights & Responsibilities
Things to look and ask for when considering the use or purchase of an IHC application or service.
Evaluation Resources
These published guidelines used to evaluate health Web sites may offer you helpful hints.
Web Site Evaluation Drill
A "think through" exercise to determine the value and potential impact of health information found on a Web site.
IHC Application Checklist
A quick list of questions that help you judge whether the health information offered by an IHC application is useful and reliable.  See the SciPICH checklist results and how this site measures up!

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