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January 26, 2000
5:00-6:00 PM - Poster Session

Poster Session 2
842  An Overview of the Aban Aya Youth Project  1. Elizabeth Copper, MPH, Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, 2. Darius Tandon, MA, University of Illinois at Chicago, 3. Shaffdeen Amuwo, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 4. Carl Bell, MD, Community Mental Health Council, 5. Brian Flay
1206  Partnership for Advancing the Year 2010 National Initiative to Improve Adolescent Health 1. Trina Anglin, MD, PhD, Maternal & Child Health Bureau/HRSA
116  A Public Health Managed Car Communication Partnership 1. Donald Rowe, PhD, WNY Public Health Coalition
252  Partners in Oral Health Promotion and Oral Disease Prevention: An Infant Oral Health Initiative

1. Neal Herman, DDS, New York University College of Dentistry, 2. Jill Fernandez-Wilson, MPH, NYU College of Dentistry, 3. Esther Colchamiro, DDS, MPH, NYU College of Dentistry, 4. Linda Rosenberg, DDS, NYU College of Dentistry
872  NEON - A Multi-Media, Web-Based Nutrition Education Curriculum for Pregnant or 
Parenting Adolescents
1. Lydia Medeiros, RD, PhD, The Ohio State University, 2. Peter O'Rourke, BA/BS, The Ohio State University, 3. Sharon Seiling, PhD, The Ohio State University, 4. Mary Kershaw, MS, The Ohio State University, 5. Kim Whaley, PhD, The Ohio State University
887  Disparities in Oral Health Status for 2010 Oral Health Objectives by Race/Ethnicity 
and Income or Education
1. Clemencia Vargas, DDS, MPH, PhD, CDC/NCHS, 2. Tom Drury, PhD, NIH/NIDCR, 3. Alice Horowitz, PhD, NIH/NIDCR, 4. Stuart Lockwood, DMD, MPH, CDC/DOH, 5. Candace Jones, MPH, HRSA
1309  Iowa's 2010 Approach to Partnerships 1. Louise Lex, PhD, Iowa Department of Public Health, 2. Stephen Gleason, DO, Iowa Department of Public Health
943  Building Bright Futures for Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Nutrition Guidelines 1. Katrina Holt, MPH, MS, RD, National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health, 2. Mary Story, RD, PhD, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, 3.Denise Sofka, MPH, RD, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, HRSA
61  School Mental Health Services for Pregnant and Parenting Teenagers: A Pre to Post Assessment of Problems and Symptoms 1. Maxine Epstein, DrPH, MSW, University of Houston, 2. Susan Green, MA, Family Service Ctr, 3. Pamela Steverson, MA, Family Service Center, 4. Cheryl Solomon, RN, Houston Independent School District, 5. Mattye Glass, Houston Independent School District
538  National Center on Physical Activity and Disability 1. James Rimmer, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2. David Braddock, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 3. William Schiller, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
674  Need for Eye Care in an African-American Community of Children 1. Robert Kleinstein, MPH, PhD, UAB-School of Optometry, 2. Janene Sims, BA/BS, UAB-School of Optometry, 3. Melvin Shipp, DrPH, UAB-School of Optometry, 4. CLEERE STUDY GROUP
220  A New Way to Visualize Global Differences in Gender-Specific Data and Trends in 
Cardiovascular Disease
1. Helen Wegman, MA, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 
1010  Get Hep B
1. Esther Long, BA/BS, HOPE for Kids - Kansas City/HOPE Worldwide Heartland, 2. Donna Miller, BA/BS, MS, Dir. Mid America Immunization Coalition 
593  The Role of Optometry in the Homebound Health-Care Team 1. Benjamin Freed, OD, SUNY College of Optometry
579  Strategic Planning for Environmental Health in Maryland 1. John Mitchell, MPA, Maryland Department of the Environment
766  Increasing State Capacity to Conduct Surveillance on Secondary Conditions and 
Implementing Health Promotion Programs for Persons with Disabilities
1. Joseph B. Smith, BA/BS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2. John B. Stubbs, BA/BS, CDC
446  Virginia State Department of Health Federal Healthy Start Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR): Building Partnerships for Healthy, Culturally Competent Communities 1. Doreen Schuett, RN, Virginia State Department of Health, 2. Bonnie J. Dattel, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School
741  The Effects of Gentle Massage on Premature Low-Birthweight Infants 1. Mary Lou Galantino, MS, PhD, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 2. Diane
Thompson, BA/BS, 3. Lori-Ann Glantschnig, BA/BS, 4. Dina Traficante, BA/BS
362  School-Based Interventions to Target Youth Tobacco Use 1. Kaye Bender, MS, RN, MS Department of Health, 2. David Buchanan, JD, MS Department of Health, 3. Ellen Jones, MS, MS Department of Health
760  Community Preventive Services for Improving Vaccine Coverage in Children, 
Adolescents, and Adults

1. Peter Briss, MD, Community Preventive Services Guide Development Activity, 2. Lance Rodewald, MD, CDC, 3. Alan Hinman, MD, MPH, Task Force on Community Preventive Services, 4. Abigail Shefer, MD, CDC, 5. Raymond Strikas, MD, CDC
497  Redesign of an HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Web Site Using an Enhanced "Search the 
Site" Feature and Personalization Pathways to Provide Relevant Information to Both 
Health Care Providers and the Public
1. Cynthia Cadden, MS, RN, AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service, 2. Gale Dutcher, MS, National Library of Medicine, 3. Peter Chauvette, MS, (ASC), 4. Noah Chanin, BA/BS, Aspen Systems Corporation, 5. Shane Bailey, BA/BS, ASC
767  Preventing Osteoporosis through Public School Interventions 1. Rick Seip, MS, PhD, Human Performance Lab, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2. Donna Boudreau, MEd, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 3. Eileen Dennis, MEd, University of Nebraska at Kearney, 4. Kristine Sorenson, BA/BS, University of Nebraska
774  Analysis of Disparity in Mortality Rates: Eastern North Carolina Counties and Region 1. Christopher Mansfield, PhD, East Carolina University, 2. Denise Kirk, MS, East Carolina University
161  Public Libraries Mobilize for Health Information
1. Jane Fisher, BA, BS, MS, The New York Public Library, 2. Manbeck Virginia, MBA, The New York Public Library
795  Identifying and Evaluating Disparities in U.S. Adult Oral Health 1. Thomas F. Drury, PhD, NIDCR/OSPA/HPADB, 2. Maryann Redford, DDS, MPH, DER, NIDCR, NIH, 3. Isabel Garcia, DDS, MPH, OCHE, NIDCR, NIH, 4. Margo Adesanya, DDS, DIR, NIDCR/NIH
653  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Health Promotion at Modifying Health Behaviors of a College Population 1. Shea Van Horn, BA/BS, American Univ., 2. Tiffany Sprouse, BA/BS, American Univ., 3. Marc Schaeffer, PhD, American Univ.
822  Norm-Based Comparison of SF-12 Physical and Mental Health Scale Scores for a Sample of Employees of Broward County, Florida 1. Sandra Poirier, BA/BS, EdD, MS, University of Florida
692  The National Organ and Tissue Donation Initiative 1. Lisa Gilmore, MBA, MSW, DHHS Office of the Secretary, 2. Jon Nelson, None, HRSA/Office of Special Programs, 3. D.W. Chen, MD, MPH, HRSA/OSP/Division of Transplantation, 4. Mary Ganikos, PhD, HRSA/OSP/Division of Transplantation, 5. Virginia McBride

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