Endeavour FZ Lau Basin Hawaii Bouvet TJ Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Gulf of Mexico Altantis FZ Northern FZ Kane FZ Wilkes FZ Clipperton FZ East Pacific Rise South East Pacific Rise Antarctic Peninsula Offshore Brazil Northern Gorda Ridge Southern California Woodlark Basin Fram Strait

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You can view all images and analyses, but areas with red circles require a password to ftp the high resolution data.

In areas with yellow circles, the data are public.

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These studies are carried out to better understand the signal and noise characteristics in the mapping of seafloor structures by altimetry. The results will be used to:

Data from RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project

Atlantis FZ Northern FZ Kane FZ Endeavour FZ Lau Basin

Northern East Pacific Rise Clipperton FZ Southern East Pacific Rise Wilkes FZ

Data from Investigators

Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Bouvet Triple Junction Woodlark Basin Fram Strait

Data from NGDC Coastal Relief

Gulf of Mexico Southern California

Data from NGDC Global Relief


Data from NGDC Bathymetric Data Holdings

Antarctic Peninsula Offshore Brazil

Data from NOAA PMEL

Northern Gorda Ridge

Links to Sites with Multibeam Data:

EarthRef.org Seamount Catalog

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Geological Data Center

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Ridge Multibeam Synthesis Project

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