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Have a Question about
NIH Grant Policies or Procedures?

One of the best sources of information about NIH grant policies and procedures relating to application preparation and review issues is your institution--e.g., office of sponsored research, the business office, or a research administrator. It is wise to consult with your own organization officials for advice and guidance before preparing your grant application.

The NIH website is another rich source of information where you will find the homepages of NIH institutes and offices, NIH personnel directory, news and events, reports, statistics, other informational documents, and contacts for assistance with a grant-related question.

address: www.nih.gov
                          NIH Office of Extramural Research URL
address: grants.nih.gov/grants/oer.htm

Can the answer to my question be found in a reference document?
Can my question be answered by an NIH awarding component official?
  • If your question is related to administrative and/or fiscal issues, contact the grants management staff member named on the program announcement (PA), request for application (RFA) or notice of grant award (NGA).

  • If your question is a scientific one, contact the NIH scientific program official identified on the program announcement, request for application, or notice of grant award.

  • NIH Institutes and Offices  www.nih.gov/icd/

  • NIH Grants Administration Information Sources, directory of grants management and program officials  grants.nih.gov/grants/staff_list_grants_admin.htm

Additional NIH extramural grant program information sources Other websites

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