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Do you have family or friends that grew up near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation?
Were they born between 1940 and 1951?

If you do, you know someone that may have been exposed to radioactive I-131. You can help by sharing important information about exposure with them. Please encourage your friends and loved ones to learn more so that they can work with their health care providers to make informed health care choices.

How can you help your friends and family?

  • Ask them to join the HCHP mailing list. People who join the mailing list receive an information packet and periodic HCHP updates. They can join the mailing list by calling toll-free 1-800-207-3996.
  • Send them an e-card. Click here to download an electronic postcard. Download the file and include it as an attachment to those you are e-mailing about the Hanford Community Health Project. Additionally you can also print the e-card and mail it to anyone that it may benefit. The e-card will explain how they can access educational resources about exposure to I-131.

    Instructions for How To Send the HCHP E-card

    Step 1

    Download the e-card. Click here to begin downloading the e-card .PDF file.

    Step 2

    Save the e-card. Save the e-card .PDF file to your computer desktop by selecting "File / Save As" from the application toolbar or by clicking on the "Save" icon.

    Step 3

    Compose your e-mail message. Open your e-mail application and compose a message to the person with whom you would like to share the e-card with.

    Step 4

    Attach the e-card and send. Attach the e-card file to your e-mail message by dragging the .PDF file from your computer desktop onto the body of your e-mail message or by using the "Attachment" icon on your application toolbar. Click "Send" to deliver your message with the attached e-card.

  • Ask them to take a self-assessment quiz to learn if they were exposed. The quiz can be accessed here.
  • Ask them to talk to their health care provider about potential exposure.
  • Download an order form for educational materials. You can select specific educational materials to be mailed directly to you so you can share them with family and friends.
  • Ask them to visit this Web site to access the full range of educational materials and resources

Download our e-card by clicking here, and please forward it to any family or friends that may benefit from it.

This page last updated on January 19, 2005
Questions? - Contact CDC: 800-232-4636 / TTY: 888-232-6348

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