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Results of the Hanford Community Health Project Survey

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In June and July 2001, we completed a telephone survey with 500 people who had been born close to Hanford between 1940 and 1951. The telephone interviewer asked the survey participants questions about their:

  • Opinions on the possible health risks related to having been born close to Hanford
  • Use of health care services and their interest in thyroid medical evaluations
  • Need for more health information on Hanford’s past releases of radioactive iodine

The response to the survey was excellent, and everyone that we called to interview was very cooperative and helpful. Since the survey was completed, we have been busy looking at the answers people gave us and have been using that information to help us plan the next stage of the project. Below we have information on what we learned from the survey and how we are using that information.

What were the main results from the survey?

The numbers below show what percentage of the 500 people who were in the survey gave these answers.

HCHP Survey Results

  • 91% were aware of past releases of radioactive iodine from Hanford
  • 24% were aware of the past releases of radioactive iodine and thought that they had been exposed
  • 54% felt poorly informed about health problems related to the thyroid gland
  • 46% felt that their health care professional knew little about the health issues related to Hanford
  • 93% seek advice about their health from their health care professional
  • 59% usually get a medical check up at least once a year
  • 81% would like to receive more information about radioactive iodine and thyroid disease

How is the HCHP using the survey results?

Looking at the answers from all the people who participated in the survey has been very helpful to us. We have been using those answers to make important decisions regarding what information on the past releases of radioactive iodine from Hanford and its possible health risks would be most useful to you, and how best to present that information to you and others who are interested. We can assist Hanford 'downwinders' in making informed health care choices.

This page last updated on January 19, 2005
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