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Need to find U.S. Government information and services in Spanish? You've come to the right place! is the U.S. Government's official portal in Spanish and offers current and authoritative information on federal, state, and local government programs and services in areas such as immigration, federal benefits, employment, business, housing, education, health, nutrition, and safety, and many more.

Launched as FirstGov en español in April 2003, offers Spanish speakers easy access to official information and services from the U.S. Government in their language. The site is part of, the official web portal of the U.S. Government. is part of a broader effort of the U.S. Government to ensure that people with low English proficiency can have meaningful access to important government programs and services. This effort is based on a Presidential Executive Order titled "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency." To read more about this initiative, visit the Low English Proficiency website.

In support of this effort, has as its goals:

  • To facilitate access for people with low English proficiency to government information and services, such as applying for benefits, locating health information, and completing government forms;
  • To serve as an educational tool for Spanish-speakers to learn about the U.S. Government, its programs, and services;
  • To provide resources for educators who work with students learning both English and Spanish;
  • To highlight current government initiatives that benefit the Hispanic community; and
  • To strengthen the quality of Spanish-language information and services available on U.S. Government websites.

The Office of Citizen Services and Communications (OCSC) of the U.S. General Services Administration created and manages and In addition, OCSC operates and maintains a toll-free National Contact Center, an e-mail response system, and a print publications center. To learn more about, visit About Us.

Easy Access to Government Information and Services is organized into topics so you can easily find information and services without having to know how the U.S. Government is organized or the names of government programs. You can find information in Spanish on a broad range of topics, such as:

and much more. You can also complete online services, in Spanish, such as checking the status of your immigration case, applying for student financial aid, or subscribing to receive free updates on a page, among others.

If you're looking for information from a specific government agency, just use our easy Index of Federal Government Agencies. also links to a growing number of state and local governments websites in Spanish. You can also search through thousands of Spanish-language federal and state web pages—just by typing in any Spanish word or phrase in the box marked "Búsqueda."

Contact Us

Contact us through e-mail or telephone if you have a question about GobiernoUSA or the Government in general; you will receive assistance in Spanish.

Linking Policy links to websites that provide useful, timely, user-centered government information and services consistent with our linking policy.

Privacy and Security has a clear privacy and security policy: we will collect no personal information about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to provide the information to us.

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