Z39.50-1995 Amendments

Updated: December 2001
Procedures Concerning Amendments

Approved Amendments to Z39.50-1995

Note regarding numbering scheme: When an amendment is proposed (by the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency), it is assigned an identifer of the form "Z39.50MA-AMxxxx" where xxxx is 0001, 0002, etc. When an amendment is approved (by the Maintenance Agency in conjunction with the ZIG) it is assigned an identifier of the form "Z39.50-1995 Amendment n" where n represents an integer with no leading zeros. The four digit number assigned to the original proposal will (generally) not be the same number assigned to the approved amendment. As a case-in-point, Z39.50-1995 Amendment 1 (approved) was assigned the identifier Z39.50MA-AM0004 when originally proposed.
  1. Z39-50-1995 Amendment 1: Add resultCount parameter to Sort Response
  2. Z39-50-1995 Amendment 2: Z39.50 Duplicate Detection Service
  3. Z39-50-1995 Amendment 3: Z39.50 Encapsulation
  4. Z39-50-1995 Amendment 4: Query Type 104
  5. Z39-50-1995 Amendment 5: String Identifiers for Schemas

Amendments Pending to Z39.50-1995

The following proposed Amendments have been withdrawn:

These two have been withdrawn as amendments to Z39.50-1995; instead the revised definitions will be assigned new object identifiers.
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