ZIG Commentaries

April 2000
Procedures for Commentaries

Pending Comentaries

The following commentaries have been Approved by the ZIG:

  1. Explain Term Lists
  2. REAL in GRS-1
  3. Non-scanable term-lists
  4. Tags
  5. Multilingual Databases
  6. V3 Core Requirements and Segmentation
  7. Use of nested Schemas for Cross-domain searching and Semantic interoperability
  8. Result Sets
  9. Use of Explain to Determine Default Database
  10. Another Diagnostic- or Variant-Set?
  11. ES Statuses and Update
  12. Summary of the Sort Service
  13. Explain and Term Lists
  14. Schema Identifier
  15. Delete
  16. Support for Single-PDU, Multi-database Searching
  17. Support for Named Result Sets
  18. Firewalls
  19. Negotiating Unicode and UTF-8
  20. Z+SQL Guidelines
  21. Semantics of SortKey
  22. Addinfo Mandatory

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