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Hispanic Local History and Genealogy in the United States: Selected Titles at The Library of Congress

XIII. Mexico

  • Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico).
    Catálogo del ramo expulsión de españoles. 2 vols. to date. México, D.F: Departamento de Publicaciones del Archivo General de la Nación, 1980-
    LC call number: Z1426.2 .A7 1980
    LC control number: 91126250
    Catalog Record
    Paragraph-length descriptions of 1,091 documents concerning the deportation of Spanish citizens from Mexico. Many are requests for exemption from deportation, citing personal circumstances and histories. Surname index and place name index that includes parts of Mexico that are now in the United States.

  • Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico).
    Ramo pasaportes. Elaborado por Clotilde Martínez de Reyes. México, D.F.: Dirección de Difusión y Publicaciones del Archivo General de la Nación, 1980. 196, 31 p.
    LC call number: CS103 .M49 1980
    LC control number: 81216816
    Catalog Record
    Indexes the first eight of 58 volumes and covers the years 1821 to 1827. Listed by volume, year, city, and surname.

  • Archivo Histórico del Estado de Sonora.
    Catálogo del Archivo Histórico del Estado de Sonora. 4 vols. to date. [Mexico City]: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Dirección de Centros Regionales, <1977- .
    LC call number: CD3675 .S66 A73 1977
    LC control number: 82197661
    Catalog Record

  • Arrigunaga Icaza, Joaquín de.
    Indice-resumen alfabético y cronológico de los matrimonios del sagrario de Mérida, Yucatán, 1814-1821. Mérida, Yucatán, México: Academia Yucateca de Historia y Genealogía Francisco de Montejo, 1976. 1 vol. (unpaged).
    LC call number: CS108 .M47 A77 1976
    LC control number: 96233118
    Catalog Record

  • Arrigunaga Peón, Joaquín de.
    Estirpe de conquistadores. Mérida, México: Academia Yucateca de Historia y Genealogía Francisco de Montejo, 1967. 230 p., [4] leaves of plates. Geneal. tables.
    LC call number: CS109 .A77
    LC control number: 75408790
    Catalog Record
    Families of Yucatán. Cites primary documents.

  • Cabrera Ypiña de Corsi, Matilde.
    De la Peña. San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México: Editorial Universitaria Potosina, 1985. 201 p. [1] folded leaf of plates, ill.
    LC call number: CS110 .D4 1985
    LC control number: 91168847
    Catalog Record
    Genealogy of the de la Peña family of San Luis Potosí in Mexico up to 1983. Because the family was perpetuated by four daughters, it soon became part of many other families and for this reason is a valuable adjunct to the genealogies of these additional families.

  • Camara Peón, Oswaldo.
    Indice-resumen alfabético y cronológico de los matrimonios del sagrario de Mérida, Yucatán, 1776 a 1788. Mérida, Yucatán, México]: Academia Yucateca de Historia y Genealogía "Francisco de Montejo," 1981. N.p.
    LC call number: CS108 .M47 C36 1981
    LC control number: 96147747
    Catalog Record
    Gives names of groom and bride, parents of each, notation if birth was out of wedlock, date of marriage, and number of original document in Mérida.

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Genealogical Society.
    Major genealogical record sources in Mexico. Series H., no. 2. [Salt Lake City], 1970. N.p., col. map.
    LC call number: CS101 .G45 LH&G
    LC control number: 70029773
    Catalog Record

  • Dahl, Torsten.
    Linajes en México. México: Casa Editora de Genealogía Ibero Americana, 1967- .
    LC call number: CS109 .D3
    LC control number: 79407772
    Catalog Record
    Genealogies of Mexican families. Many of non-Spanish origin. Lists several generations in Europe, the immigrant to Mexico, and succeeding generations to the 1960s.

  • Esparza, Manuel.
    Padrón de capitación de la Ciudad de Oaxaca, 1875. [Oaxaca de Juárez]: Archivo General del Estado de Oaxaca, 1983. xvii, 131 p.
    LC call number: CS108 .O17 E84 1983
    LC control number: 86150090
    Catalog Record
    Lists are by section of the city and by block of residents obliged to pay tax. Alphabetical lists are by first name with age, occupation, and marital status.

  • Esparza, Manuel.
    Padrón general de los habitantes de la Ciudad de Oaxaca, 1842: 450 aniversario, 1532-1982. [Oaxaca]: Centro Regional de Oaxaca, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 1981. xxii, 224 p.
    LC call number: CS108 .O17 E853 1981
    LC control number: 83236370
    Catalog Record
    A street directory giving name, age, occupation, and marital status of residents.

  • Fernández de Recas, Guillermo S., ed.
    Cacicazgos y nobiliario indígena de la Nueva España. 1. ed. México: Instituto Bibliográfico Mexicano, 1961. xxvi, 351 p. Plates, coats of arms.
    LC call number: CS104 .F4
    LC control number: 62042344
    Catalog Record
    Includes 35 documents from the Spanish monarch confirming pre-Columbian ownership of land, titles of nobility and coats of arms, and conferring Spanish titles and arms beginning with the generation of Montezuma. Genealogies show connections between pre-Columbian Mexican nobility and Spanish nobility. The author found these documents by happenstance in the Archivo de la Nación and believes that more exist. Black and white photographs of coats of arms.

  • González de la Garza, Rodolfo.
    Hispanic roots = Raíces hispanas: genealogy, history. 1st ed. 1 vol. to date. N. Laredo, México (Allende 701, Nuevo Laredo 88000): R. González de la Garza, 1996- . Ill. (some col.).
    LC call number: CS109 .G67 1996
    LC control number: 97121670
    Catalog Record
    Origins of most families of northeastern Mexico: Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and part of Guadalajara. Many have branches in the United States. Volume 1 contains 17,000 entries and the set, when completed, will contain approximately 250,000. Data are from primary sources in church and civil archives (cited on p. 10). Both paternal and maternal surnames are given for principals and parents. Brief historical sketch of the region, including a statement that the Inquisition was not active here and thus provided a haven for families of Jewish background. Describes kinds of documents consulted and defines the racial terms "castizo," "tresalbo," "mestizo," "mulato," "coyote," "lobo," and "casta" (p. 20).

  • González de la Garza, Rodolfo.
    Mil familias de Tam., N. León, Coah. y Texas. 2 vols. N. Laredo, Tamps., México: H. González de la Garza, 1980-1981. Ill.
    LC call number: CS109 .A2 G66
    LC control number: 81117624
    Catalog Record
    Extensive genealogies, drawings of coats of arms indicating colors, summary of accomplishments of each family. Surnames that have articles are listed in capital letters in the index; following each are surnames in lowercase letters that are mentioned in the article.

  • Greenleaf, Richard E., and Michael C. Meyer, compilers and editors.
    Research in Mexican history; topics, methodology, sources and a practical guide to field research. Compiled for the Committee on Mexican Studies, Conference on Latin American History. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, [1973]. xiii, 226 p. Maps.
    LC call number: F1225.5 .G73
    LC control number: 72086020
    Catalog Record

  • Guerra, Raúl J., Jr., Nadine M. Vásquez, and Baldomero Vela, Jr., compilers and editors.
    Index to the marriage investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara pertaining to the former provinces of Coahuila, Nuevo León, Nuevo Santander, and Téxas. Vol. 1. 1653-1750. Ill.
    LC call number: CD3678 .G82G84 1989
    LC control number: 90093092
    Catalog Record

  • Ibarrola Arriaga, Gabriel.
    Familias y casas de la Vieja Valladolid. [1. ed.]. Morelia, Mexico: Fimax Publicistas, 1969. 599 p. Ills. (part. col.), col. coats of arms, ports.
    LC call number: CS108 .M65 I2 1969
    LC control number: 79530302
    Catalog Record
    Genealogies and color illustrations of coats of arms of families of Morelia, Mexico. Some photographs and family charts. 76-page name index.

  • Indice del archivo militar del Estado de Jalisco, 1810-1940. Guadalajara, Jalisco, México: H. Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara, 1989. 75 p.
    LC call number: CS108 .J35 I53 1989
    LC control number: 94136242
    Catalog Record
    Name guide to reels.

  • Martínez, Pablo L.
    Guía familiar de Baja California, 1700-1900 = Vital statistics of Lower California. México, D.F., México: Editorial Baja California, 1965. 1,019 p. Port.
    LC call number: CS108 .B34 M37
    LC control number: 81129591
    Catalog Record
    Abstracts of 12,000 parish and civil records relating to marriage, birth, and death.

  • Menes Llaguno, Juan Manuel.
    Fuentes para la historia de la tenencia de la tierra en el Estado de Hidalgo: índice de documentos del ramo de tierras del A.G.N. Pachuca: Centro Hidalguense de Investigaciones Históricas, 1976. 242 p. [1] leaf of plates, map.
    LC call number: Z7165 .M45 M46
    LC control number: 78112170
    Catalog Record

  • Muriá, José María.
    Historia de las divisiones territoriales de Jalisco. México: Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, SEP, Centro Regional de Occidente, 1976. 219 p. Maps.
    LC call number: JS2119 .J353 A215
    LC control number: 77451622
    Catalog Record

  • O'Gorman, Edmundo.
    Historia de las divisiones territoriales de México. 6a ed. rev. y puesta al día. México: Editorial Porrúa, 1985. xvii, 326 p. 8 folded leaves of plates, 8 maps.
    LC call number: JS2112 .L7 O35 1985
    LC control number: 87400360
    Catalog Record

  • Ortega y Pérez Gallardo, D. Ricardo.
    Estudios genealógicos. México: Impr. de E. Dublan, 1902. 365 p.
    LC call number: CS104 .O8
    LC control number: 07036806
    Catalog Record
    Genealogies of Mexican families that possess titles of nobility or have received special honors from the Spanish or Mexican governments. Covers 16th to 19th centuries.

  • Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Refugio, Ciudad Victoria, México.
    El libro de bautismos de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Refugio de Aguayo. Cuidad Victoria [México]: Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, [1975]. 121 p. Ill.
    LC call number: CS108 .C58 P37
    LC control number: 77453239
    Catalog Record
    Names of persons baptized, parish priests, apostolic visits, and genealogies.

  • Potash, Robert A., compiler, with Jan Bazant and Josefina Z. Vasquez.
    Guide to the notarial records of the Archivo General de Notarias, Mexico City, for the year 1829[-1875]. Amherst: University of Massachusetts; and México: [University Computing Center] Colegio de México, 1982-<1997 >.
    LC call number: CD3656 1829
    LC control number: 82229246
    Catalog Record
    Notarial records contain much information, but are difficult of access because they are filed by the names of the notaries only. This index makes them accessible by names of the principals in each transaction.

  • University of Texas at Arlington Library.
    Catálogo de las fotocopias de los documentos y periódicos yucatecos en la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Texas en Arlington = Catalogue of Yucatan documents and newspapers on microfilm in the University of Texas at Arlington Library. [Arlington]: UTA Press, 1983. xiii, 211 p.
    LC call number: CD3676 .Y83 U55 1983
    LC control number: 84620839
    Catalog Record
    Archivo de la Mitra, Archivo General del Estado, Archivo Notarial del Estado, virtually all Yucatán newspapers for the 18th and 19th centuries. Includes dispensas de parentesco, becas y órdenes, información de cristiandad, matrimonios ultramarinos, asuntos de monjas, renuncias de becas, legitimaciones, órdenes sagradas, decretos y oficios, asuntos terminados, documentos de sacerdotes fallecidos, fallecimientos, órdenes y decretos eclesiásticos, visitas pastorales, concursos a curatos. This is a reel guide to the microfilmed documents. An address is included for obtaining photocopies from the University of Texas at Arlington.

  • Villaseñor y Villaseñor, Ramiro.
    Epigrafía del Panteón de Belén. 1. ed. Guadalajara, Jalisco, México: Gobierno de Jalisco, Secretaría General, Unidad Editorial, 1985. 415 p. [1] folded leaf of plates, ill.
    LC call number: CS108 .G8 V55 1985
    LC control number: 91226534
    Catalog Record
    Inscriptions in the "Panteón de Belén" cemetery, Guadalajara, Mexico. Fold-out map of the cemetery.

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