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Hispanic Local History and Genealogy in the United States: Selected Titles at The Library of Congress

XV. Emigration From Spain

  • Ajuria, Peru.
    El exilio vasco en Venezuela. Vitoria [Spain]: Servicio Central de Publicaciones, Gobierno Vasco, 1992. 215 p. Ills. (some col.).
    LC call number: F2349 .B3 A58 1992
    LC control number: 93132844
    Catalog Record

  • Alcalá, Xavier.
    Arxentina. Vigo [Spain]: Edicións Xerais de Galicia, 1990. 236 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F2817 .A53 1990
    LC control number: 91192783
    Catalog Record
    Includes towns of origin in Galicia for emigrants (pp. 399-410).

  • Anes Alvarez, Rafael.
    La emigración de asturianos a América. 1. ed. Colombres, Asturias: Archivo de Indianos, 1993. 174 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 A63 1993
    LC control number: 94202127
    Catalog Record

  • Anguita Galán, Eduardo.
    Malagueños en América: del orto al ocaso. [Málaga]: Servicio de Publicaciones, Diputación Provincial de Málaga, [1992?]. 491 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 A64 1992
    LC control number: 93175653
    Catalog Record

  • Arrieta, Angel Mari.
    La emigración alavesa a América en el siglo XIX (1800-1900). 1a. ed. Vitoria: Servicio Central de Publicaciones del Gobierno Vasco, 1992. 517 p. Ill. (some col.), map.
    LC call number: F1419 .B37 A77 1992
    LC control number: 94164575
    Catalog Record
    Study of emigration and its effects on emigrants and on Alava, the southernmost province of the Basque country. Lists of individuals include place of residence in Alava, age, profession, document from which these data are taken and the location of the document, emigrants' destinations in America, and reason for emigration. Many entries include the port of embarkation, name of the ship, name of the ship's owner, price of passage, accompanying persons, and duration of the voyage. There is a 15-page name index, a 12-page bibliography, and a 9-page list of local archives in Alava giving names of notaries (escribanos, protocolos notariales) consulted by the authors, and the years covered by each notary's records.

  • Boyd-Bowman, Peter.
    Patterns of Spanish emigration to the New World (1493-1580). Buffalo: Council on International Studies, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1973. i, 97. One ill.
    LC call number: CS95 .B6942513 1973
    LC control number: 74620746
    Catalog Record
    For the historian, linguist, and genealogist. Statistical tables allow identification of the precise number of immigrants from each European region and the percentage from each region that settled in each colony of North and South America. Tables list numbers of emigrants from even minor towns. This is almost equivalent to a road map for those who know where an ancestor lived in Europe but not where he or she settled in America.

  • Boyd-Bowman, Peter.
    Indice geobiográfico de más de 56 mil pobladores de la América Hispánica. 1a edicion completa. México: Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas, UNAM Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1985- . <1 > ill.
    LC call number: CS95 .B69 1985
    LC control number: 86197796
    Catalog Record

  • Canedo, Lino Gómez.
    Los gallegos en América: entre el descubrimiento y la emancipación: algunas notas y un guión provisional para escribir su historia. Santiago de Compostela: Consellería de Cultura da Xunta de Galicia Instituto Gallego de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1982. xxii, 174 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .G2 C35 1982
    LC control number: 85150307
    Catalog Record
    History of Galicians in America from the beginning of Spanish exploration. Biographical and genealogical information on many individuals, but contains no name index. Includes 18-page bibliography and many footnotes.

  • Canedo, Lino Gómez.
    Los gallegos en el gobierno, la milicia y la Iglesia en América. [Spain]: Xunta de Galicia, Consellería de Relacións Institucionais e Portavoz do Goberno, Comisionado Director do V Centenario, [1991]. 209 p. Col. ill.
    LC call number: F1419 .G2 C36 1991
    LC control number: 93218620
    Catalog Record
    Galicians who achieved high office in America in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Includes a 27-page name index and 18-page bibliography.

  • Canedo, Lino Gómez.
    Los gallegos en la cultura, las letras y el comercio en América. [La Coruña]: Xunta de Galicia, Consellería de Relacións Institucionais e Portavoz do Goberno, Comisionado Director do V Centenario, [1991]. 160 p. Ill. (some col.).
    LC call number: F1419 .G2 C37 1991
    LC control number: 94164530
    Catalog Record
    Highlights of achievements by Galicians in the Antilles, Río de la Plata, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. An 8-page name index and 18-page bibliography.

  • Díaz-Jove, Santiago.
    Gijoneses en Indias: notas sobre emigración e índice geobiográfico, 1700-1825. Gijón: Editorial Auseva, 1992. 228 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F1419 .A87 D53 1992
    LC control number: 93196929
    Catalog Record
    Statistical data on emigration from Gijón. Alphabetical list of natives or residents of Gijón who traveled to America between 1700 and 1825 (pp. 62-200). Entries include place of birth, parents' names, spouses' names, and the year of emigration. Details of profession, reason for emigration, and activities in America are included when appropriate. A few documents concerning inheritance and permission to emigrate are published in full (pp. 201-16).

  • Fernández de Recas, Guillermo S.
    Aspirantes americanos a cargos del Santo Oficio. México: Librería de M. Porrúa, [1956]. p.
    LC call number: F1205 .F4
    LC control number: 60029848
    Catalog Record
    Genealogies of 1,208 families of Spanish America and the Philippines.

  • Fernández-Pradel, Pedro Xavier.
    Linajes vascos y montañeses en Chile. Santiago de Chile: Talleres gráficos San Rafael, 1930- . v coats of arms.
    LC call number: CS311 .F4
    LC control number: 43047201
    Catalog Record
    Based on the thesis that most Spanish immigrants to Chile were Basques, and that their culture absorbed that of the Castilians, Extremadurans, and Andalusians in Chile, this work serves as a reference for history, language, and etymology of surnames for Basques everywhere. The historical and geographical descriptions of Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, Alava, Navarra, Benabarre, Laburdi, Zuberoa, the mountainous regions of Burgos and Santander, and the description of Basque archaeology up to 1930 are told by describing each village in detail. There follows a sketchy 24-page outline of Basque grammar and vocabulary and a 364-page dictionary of etymologies of Basque surnames giving a history of each family and describing its coat of arms when appropriate.

  • García-Abásolo, Antonio F., Jorge R. Saborido, and Andrea M. Fdez. de Almirá.
    Presencia andaluza en Argentina en la posguerra civil española. Córdoba: Litopress, [1992]. 181 p. Ill. (some col.).
    LC call number: F3021 .S7 G37 1992
    LC control number: 94210505
    Catalog Record

  • Garrain Villa, Luis J. (Luis José).
    Llerena en el siglo XVI: la emigración a Indias. [Mérida, Spain]: Junta de Extremadura, 1991. xiv, 390 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 G37 1991
    LC control number: 93142991
    Catalog Record
    Biographies of the 296 men and 65 women who emigrated to America from the city of Llerena in Extremadura during the 16th century. Study of the political and economic reasons for leaving, photographs of the city, and diagrams of the churches. Entries vary from three lines to several pages and give all information available on emigrants' families, professions, activities, and church of baptism. Some include letters from the emigrants, printed or reproduced in the original handwriting. Full citation of sources. Fifteen documents relating to emigration are printed in full and contain additional names of persons not from Llerena. Bibliography, personal and place name indexes.

  • Hernández Borge, Julio, and Francisco R. Durán Villa.
    Guía bibliográfica de emigración galega. Santiago de Compostela: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 1992. 137 p.
    LC call number: Z2707.5 .H47 1992
    LC control number: 93131595
    Catalog Record

  • Hurtado, Publio.
    Los extremeños en América. Introducción, cronologías, índices y mapas de Alfonso Artero Hurtado. Sevilla: [s.n.], 1992. 356 p. Maps.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 H87 1992
    LC control number: 94108175
    Catalog Record
    Names, dates, and biographies of Extremeños who participated in the following actions and/or who served with the following officers: Christopher Columbus, Don Nicolás de Ovando, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Hernán Cortés, the conquest of Yucatán under Francisco Pizarro, crossing of the Andes under Gonzalo Pizarro, exploration of the Amazon under Francisco de Orellana, civil wars in Peru, supporters of Almagro, and the exploration of Florida under Hernando de Soto. Names of Extremeños who received encomiendas, names of miscellaneous conquistadores, clergy and the religious, administrators, writers, artisans, and industrialists. Contains a general index, a personal name index, and a place name index.

  • Inmigración española en la Argentina: seminario 1990. Compilador Hebe Clementi, R. Cortes Conde, et al. Buenos Aires: Oficina Cultural de la Embajada de España, 1991. 324 p., [1] folded leaf.
    LC call number: F3021 .S7 I56 1991
    LC control number: 92218361
    Catalog Record

  • Martínez Martínez, María del Carmen.
    La emigración castellana y leonesa al Nuevo Mundo: 1517-1700. 2 vols. [Valladolid]: Junta de Castilla y León, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, 1993. Ill.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 M37 1993
    LC control number: 94182237
    Catalog Record
    The first volume analyzes emigration statistically in great detail. Volume 2 lists names of 11,349 natives of Castile and León who emigrated between 1517 and 1700, providing when possible names of parents, town of birth, profession, and accompanying individuals, with family relationships if known, the name of the expedition with which the emigrant sailed, noteworthy events in which the emigrant participated, and in every instance complete citations for the sources of the information. General index and an index by town and province of origin. Expeditions listed are those of Montejo, Diego de Tovilla, Nuño de Guzmán, Pedro de Heredia, Rodrigo Durán, Simón de Alcazaba, la Armada de los alemanes, Rodrigo de Contreras, Pizarro y Almagro, Juan del Junco, Felipe Gutiérrez, Mendoza, Martín de Lezama, Hernando de Soto, Rodrigo de Abornoz, Pedro de Alvarado, Bartolomé de Zárate, Pascual de Andagoya, Cabeza de Vaca, el maestro de Roa, Fray Tomás de San Martín, Vasco de Quiroga, Alderete marqués del Cañate, Conde de Nieva, Lucás Vásquez de Ayllón, Lope García de Castro, Vásquez de Coronado, Gastón de Peralta, el virrey Enríquez, Francisco de Toledo, Pedro Hernández de Serpa, Alvaro de Mendaña, Gonzalo Ronquillo, Lorenzo Suárez de Mendoza, Toribio de Mogrovejo, Luis de Carvajal, el virrey Velasco.

  • Méndez Venegas, Eladio.
    Emigrantes a América: s. XVI-XVIII. 1. ed. Mérida: Editora Regional de Extremadura, 1995. 159 p.
    LC call number: CS95 .M46 1995
    LC control number: 96123978
    Catalog Record
    Provides 2,203 names from the Archivo Diocesano de Badajoz. Indexes by more than forty towns of origin, by towns of destination, and by occupation.

  • Ocerín, Enrique de, Conde de Abasolo.
    Indice de los expedientes matrimoniales de militares y marinos que se conservan en el Archivo General Militar, 1761-1865. Madrid, 1959.
    LC call number: CS956 .R4 O25
    LC control number: 61033859
    Catalog Record
    Index to 67,397 manuscript bundles containing records of Spaniards and Spanish Americans who served in the military. Information includes advancement throughout military service and when appropriate military orders, coats of arms, and other data.

  • Otazu, Alfonso.
    Hacendistas navarros en Indias. Prólogo de Julio Caro Baroja. Bilbao, 1970. 400 p. Ills., facsims., ports.
    LC call number: CS95 .O8
    LC control number: 74206595
    Catalog Record
    Contains name index.

  • Otte, Enrique, con la colaboración de Guadalupe Albi.
    Cartas privadas de emigrantes a Indias, 1540-1616. Prólogo by D. Ramón Caarande y Thovar. [Sevilla]: Consejería de Cultura, Junta de Andalucía Escuela de Estudios Hispano Americanos de Sevilla, [1988]. 611 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .S63 C37 1988
    LC control number: 92138577
    Catalog Record
    Includes 650 letters written to families in Spain by 529 emigrants, describing the experiences of these early adventurers. This view of daily life from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego provides a counterbalance to official accounts. For the genealogist it provides family details that may exist nowhere else. A general index, personal and place name indexes.

  • Pereda de la Reguera, Manuel.
    Indianos de Cantabria. Santander: Diputación Provincial, 1968. 144 p. Ill.
    LC call number: F1419 .C3 P47
    LC control number: 72226184
    Catalog Record
    A 75-page alphabetical list of emigrants from Spain's northern coastal provinces covering the 16th to the 18th centuries. Entries include place of birth, spouse, brief biography, and place of burial. The first part of the book studies reasons for the migration movement.

  • Rocamora, Joan.
    Catalanes en la Argentina: centenario del Casal de Catalunya. [Buenos Aires]: Distribución, Librería Fausto, [1992]. 339 p. Ill.
    LC call number: F3021 .C3 R63 1992
    LC control number: 92204534
    Catalog Record

  • Romera Iruela, Luis.
    Catálogo de pasajeros a Indias durante los siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII. [Madrid]: Ministerio de Cultura, Dirección General de Bellas Artes, Archivos y Bibliotecas, Subdirección General de Archivos, <1980-1986 >. v. <4-7 >.
    LC call number: CS944 .R66 1980
    LC control number: 84209763
    Catalog Record

  • Rubio Moreno, Luis.
    Pasajeros a Indias; catálogo metodológico de las informaciones y licencias de los que allí pasaron, existentes en el Archivo general de Indias. Madrid: Compañía ibero-americana de publicaciones, s.a, [1930?-]. v Plates, ports., maps, plans, facsims.
    LC call number: F1410 .C69 t. 9, 13.
    LC control number: 33002927
    Catalog Record
    The researcher should note that this bibliographical record is for two non-consecutive volumes: Vol. 9 and vol. 13. Vol. 9 lists 1,018 names of emigrants for the years 1534-1690. These sparse entries give name, place of birth, destination, marital status, year of emigration, and persons accompanying the emigrant. The rest of the volume reproduces documents relating to the emigrants and to laws on emigration. More names appear in these papers. The documents are summarized in an index beginning on p. 441. Vol. 13 continues the entries from number 1,019 to 2,456 and reproduces laws that affect lay and religious emigrants and foreigners. They contain many additional names and are summarized in the index beginning on page 427. There are 16 black and white illustrations, commented upon on pp. 415-25.

  • Rueda Hernanz, Germán.
    La emigración contemporánea de españoles a Estados Unidos, 1820-1950: de dons a misters. Madrid: MAPFRE, 1993. 360 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: E184 .S75 R84 1993
    LC control number: 95226890
    Catalog Record

  • Siegrist de Gentile, Nora.
    Inmigración vasca en la ciudad de Buenos Aires (1830-1850). 1a ed. Vitoria: Servicio Central de Publicaciones, Gobierno Vasco, 1992. 168 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F3001.9. B37 S54 1992
    LC control number: 93127126
    Catalog Record

  • Soldevilla Oria, Consuelo.
    Cantabria y América. Con la colaboración de Germán Rueda. Madrid: Editorial MAPFRE, 1992. 365 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F1419 .C3 S65 1992
    LC control number: 95226930
    Catalog Record
    Broadly interpretive survey that covers the periods from 1492 to 1950 with emphasis on the Cantabrian migration to Cuba and Mexico in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

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