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Hispanic Local History and Genealogy in the United States: Selected Titles at The Library of Congress

XVI. Jews

  • Abecassis, José Maria.
    Genealogia hebraica: Portugal e Gibraltar, sécs. XVII a XX. 5 vols. 1. edição. Lisboa: J.M. Abecassis Distribuição, Livraria Ferin, 1990-1991. Ill.
    LC call number: DS135 .P7 A37 1990
    LC control number: 93172522
    Catalog Record
    Contents: vol.1. Abeasis-Benhayon; vol. 2. Beniso-Fresco; vol. 3. Gabay-Serfaty; vol. 4. Seriqui-documentos; vol. 5. Indices e adenda.

  • Arbell, Mordehay.
    Los djudios de Espanya i Portugal en la filatelia mundial = The Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the postage stamps. Mordehay Arbell. [Mahad. 1.]. Jerusalem, Israel: La Semana Pub. Co, [1988]. 76 p. Col. ill.
    LC call number: HE6183 .J4 A73 1988
    LC control number: 89160859
    Catalog Record

  • Beller, Jacob.
    Jews in Latin America. New York: J. David, [1969]. xii, 303 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 B42
    LC control number: 68025174
    Catalog Record
    A general history of migration and the reasons for it. Chapters treat single countries or islands and the Jewish immigrant experience in each. Mentions names of prominent individuals, but is more useful for locating contemporary and past Jewish communities all over Central and South America and the Caribbean. The general index includes names of individuals and congregations.

  • Birmingham, Stephen.
    The grandees; America's Sephardic elite. [1st ed.]. New York: Harper & Row, [1971]. xiii, 368 p. Ill., fold. geneal. table, ports.
    LC call number: E184 .J5 B552 1971
    LC control number: 70095942
    Catalog Record

  • Carciente, Jacob.
    La comunidad judía de Venezuela: síntesis cronológica, 1610-1990, y referencias bibliográficas para su estudio: crónicas sefardíes. Caracas: Asociación Israelita de Venezuela Centro de Estudios Sefardíes de Caracas, 1991. 247 p. Ill.
    LC call number: F2349.S48 C37 1991
    LC control number: 91230357
    Catalog Record

  • Carciente, Jacob.
    Presencia sefardí en la historia de Venezuela. Prólogo, Santos Rodulfo Cortés. Caracas: Centro de Estudios Sefardíes de Caracas, 1997. 194 p.
    LC call number: F2349 .J48 C37 1997
    LC control number: 97198368
    Catalog Record

  • Congreso Internacional de Investigadores sobre Judaísmo Latinoamericano.
    Ensayos sobre judaísmo latinoamericano. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Milá, 1990. 442 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 C66 1988b
    LC control number: 91107025
    Catalog Record
    Has 26 articles on subjects including Jews in Cuba, the first Latin American Jewish community, Jews in Brazil, use of Judeo-Spanish through the generations, the Egyptian-Sephardic community of Sao Paulo, political engagements in Argentina and Uruguay, the link between Israel and Argentine Jews, the Zionist movement in Brazil, anti-Semitism in Cuba before and after Castro, the Carvajal family in Mexico and the Inquisition, intellectual origins of anti-Semitism in Argentina, etymologies of Ashkhenazi names in Argentina, the preservation of the Jewish identity, a biography of Russian-born Manuel Gleizer of Argentina, Jewish contributions to Argentine filmmaking, an analysis of the writings of Marcos Aguinis, Latin American literature in Israel, Jewish literature in Brazil, the Jewish community in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the relationships between Jews and Arabs, analysis of the play "Clipper" by Isaac Chocron of Venezuela, the subject of the "wandering Jew" in the prose of Brazilian writer Samuel Rawet. Extensive bibliographical notes.

  • Elizondo, Ricardo.
    Los sefarditas en Nuevo León: reminiscencias en el folklore. 1. ed. Monterrey, N.L.: Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León, Secretaría de Administración, Archivo General del Estado, 1987. 36 p. Ill., maps.
    LC call number: F1316 .C8 no. 11
    LC control number: 91141737
    Catalog Record

  • Elkin, Judith Laikin.
    Jews of the Latin American republics. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1980. xv, 298 p. Ill.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 E43
    LC control number: 79017394
    Catalog Record
    Overview of Jewish immigration from the 16th century to the present, including Brazil. Studies contemporary communities, agriculture, commerce, community life, and demography. Considers the situation in each country, explains the difficult position in which Jews were placed by the Inquisition and by local laws. This difficulty often required that individuals or families take special measures to assure their safety, and this in turn helps researchers, especially genealogists, to search for documents where they might otherwise not look. Extensive notes and a 21-page bibliography.

  • Faber, Eli.
    A time for planting: the first migration, 1654-1820. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992. xvi, 188 p. Ill.
    LC call number: E184 .J5 F3 1992
    LC control number: 91045341
    Catalog Record

  • Fierman, Floyd S.
    Roots and boots: from Crypto-Jew in New Spain to community leader in the American Southwest. Hoboken: KTAV Pub. House, 1987. xiii, 241 p. [21] p. of plates. Ill., maps, ports.
    LC call number: F790 .J5 F55 1987
    LC control number: 86027516
    Catalog Record

  • García de Proodian, Lucía.
    Los judíos en América; sus actividades en los Virreinatos de Nueva Castilla y Nueva Granada, s. XVII. Madrid, 1966. xxii, 565 p. Facsims.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 G36
    LC control number: 72242161
    Catalog Record
    Sources consulted by the author appear in two indexes: the first lists each document and the personal names that appear in it; the second lists personal names and indicates in which documents each name appears. Many family relationships are given. The book's bibliography lists 145 related works in Spanish, French, and English. The bibliographic worth of the book justifies its inclusion here. However, the book's attribution of particular characteristics to specific ethnic groups and its judgments of them are exceedingly controversial and subjective. This book is included solely for its bibliographic value.

  • The Jewish presence in Latin America. Edited by Judith Laikin Elkin, and Gilbert W. Merkx. Boston: Allen & Unwin, 1987. xi, 338 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 J49 1987
    LC control number: 86026531
    Catalog Record
    Articles by seventeen authors on pre-Nazi Sephardic immigration to Argentina, Jewish roots in Brazil, Jewish refugees 1935-1938, adaptation to new surroundings, demography of Latin American Jewry, Zionism, education, mobility of Jews in Brazil, Jews in Argentina, Jews in Costa Rica, capitalism and socialism, Jewish identity and education in Argentina, Latin American-Jewish writers, overview of the past, and prospects for the future. Bibliographical citations only in footnotes.

  • Lacave, José Luis.
    Juderías y sinagogas españolas. Madrid: Editorial MAPFRE, 1992. 440 p. Ill.
    LC call number: DS135 .S7 L33 1992
    LC control number: 94177580
    Catalog Record

  • Liebman, Seymour B.
    The inquisitors and the Jews in the New World: summaries of procesos, 1500-1810: and bibliographical guide. Coral Gables, Fla.: University of Miami Press, [1975] 1974. 224 p. Ill.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 L52 1975
    LC control number: 72085110
    Catalog Record
    A 33-page introduction explains the difficult position in which the Inquisition placed Jews, converts from Judaism, and descendants of converts in Spain and Portugal and in their American colonies. It explains why aliases and false genealogies were sometimes used. Pages 37-200 list persons accused of, or suspected of, Jewish practices and gives one- to ten-line resumes of trials. Most entries tell names of parents, place of birth, names of other relatives, and sentence imposed, with full information on sources. The period covered is 1500-1810, and includes the viceregencies of New Spain, New Granada, Peru, and Río de la Plata. There follows a 3-page chronological list of autos da fe held in these jurisdictions. A glossary explains terms unique to the prosecution of heretics.

  • Link, Pablo.
    El aporte judío al descubrimiento de América. Buenos Aires: Congreso Judío Latinoamericano, rama del Congreso Judío Mundial, 1974. 39 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 L56 1974
    LC control number: 85195742
    Catalog Record
    A 31-page history of Jewish contributions to the discovery and exploration of America, 2-page list of outstanding individuals giving American residence, year of arrival, and profession, and a 3-page list of Spanish and Portuguese surnames most used by Jewish families. Bibliography.

  • Marcus, Jacob Rader.
    The colonial American Jew, 1492-1776. 3 vols. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1970. Ill., ports., bibliographic references.
    LC call number: E184 .J5 M215 1970
    LC control number: 69015467
    Catalog Record
    A classic that encompasses all aspects of daily and intellectual life. The master index in vol. 3 lists an entire column of page references for "immigration," half a column for "Sephardim," as well as entries for individuals and family names.

  • Paris, Erna.
    The end of days: a story of tolerance, tyranny, and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1995. 327 p. Ill., 4 p. of plates, maps.
    LC call number: DS135 .S7 P34 1995
    LC control number: 95024016
    Catalog Record
    An explanation of the persecution visited upon Spanish Jews and upon their descendants--even after they converted to Catholicism. The reader will understand why many families of Jewish descent settled in northern Mexico (now called Texas, New Mexico and Arizona), where the Spanish church's ferocity was least often felt. This book explains events leading up to the expulsion of Jews from Spain and Portugal, their dispersal to North Africa and the Middle East and to France, the Low Countries and England. Many families of Spanish or Portuguese descent who have stories, passed on by older generations, that they were once Jewish may find that Erna Paris's book casts light on these traditions. A new movement has arisen among descendants of these Jews converted by the sword: many are re-converting to Judaism. They call themselves "anusim," and a search of this term on the Internet will bring up sites related to the movement.

  • The Portuguese Jewish community in London, 1656-1830. London: Jewish Museum, 1992. ii, 30 p. Ill. (some col.), map.
    LC call number: DS135 .E55 L6646 1992
    LC control number: 97214940
    Catalog Record

  • Saban, Mario Javier.
    Judíos conversos. 3 vols. to date. Buenos Aires, República Argentina: Editorial Distal, 1990-1993. Ill.
    LC call number: F3001.9 .J5 S23 1990
    LC control number: 90162033
    Catalog Record

  • Shatsky, Jacob.
    Comunidades judías en Latinoamérica. Buenos Aires: [American Jewish Committee], 1952. 179 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .J4 S45
    LC control number: 55017748
    Catalog Record
    Outline of Jewish immigration and settlement in each Latin American country, including Brazil, from the 1930s forward. The differences between Jewish communities of the various countries are described, communities are analyzed statistically by profession and place of origin. Institutions founded by these communities are described. Provides few names of individuals.

  • Stern, Stephen.
    The Sephardic Jewish community of Los Angeles. New York: Arno Press, 1980, 1977. 417 p. Ill.
    LC call number: BM225 .L6 S73 1980
    LC control number: 80000734
    Catalog Record

  • Zur Mühlen, Patrik von.
    Fluchtziel Lateinamerika: Die deutsche Emigration 1933-1945: politische Aktivitäten und soziokulturelle Integration. Bonn: Verlag Neue Gesellschaft, 1988. 335 p.
    LC call number: F1419 .G3 Z84 1988
    LC control number: 88209692
    Catalog Record
    Covers 1933 to 1945 and studies the 80,000 persons who fled Germany to Latin America in order to escape Nazi persecution. A map shows the principal centers of settlement in Central and South America. Describes living conditions of settlers, aid given or not given, Jewish organizations founded, their cultural contributions, their relations with the various governments and political movements, postwar return of some to Europe, compensation paid by Germany. The name index includes refugees' aliases and refers the researcher to their real names. Extensive bibliography.

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