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Topics - Personal Appraisal - Identify Strengths And Challenges Arising From Military Experience
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  Your military experience may also present you with challenges. These issues are factors that you will learn to handle. Each of the factors is briefly described.
  1. Communication — The military talks in alphabet soup. You have learned to use acronyms and military jargon. Everybody in the military understands it, but almost nobody outside the service will! You must consciously think about using words, not acronyms or jargon, to communicate.
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  1. Stereotypes — Some employers have false impressions of the military. Being aware of the stereotypes up front will help you break them down when you encounter them. Some of the stereotypes include:
    • military personnel do not know how to dress or socialize in the civilian community;
    • all military personnel are rigid and lack creativity;
    • you only get things done because of your rank;
    • the military is not bottom-line oriented, does not think with a profit mentality; and
    • military life is easier than civilian life; etc.
  1. Unrealistic Expectations — Many military personnel feel they will enter the civilian labor market and get a high-paying position. Frequently they will take a cut in pay and status equivalent to someone changing careers.
  1. Credentials — Occupational credentials, such as a license or certification, have increasingly become a common requirement for many types of civilian jobs. Because civilian credentialing requirements are typically based on traditional means of obtaining education, training, and experience in the civilian sector and you have received your career preparation in the military, you may encounter difficulties in obtaining a license or certificate. You need to determine the requirements for the credential desired prior to transitioning to avoid significant delays in obtaining employment.
A thorough personal appraisal gets your job search off to a good start.
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