You  may also report using the telephone fuel reporting at 877-343-6468.
-- Please note that the telephone system will check your Tag No against a GSA master list.
-- If your Tag No is found on that list, then you must enter your fuel here.
If you have any trouble saving your fuel report, please call or email Bruce Troutman  202-460-8020
Report Your Fuel Usage Here     
  Department of Energy Fueling Station Locator
  View/Print: Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record
 Please enter your government email address:  The email address that you use for government communications.
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 Please select the region where the government vehicle is garaged from the dropdown list (Required: Yes)
 Please enter the government vehicle tag number: 
Use dash. No spaces.
For example: G43-0105B
The tag number that you enter will be checked against the list of active vehicles. If there is no match, you will be allowed to modify your entry or save it.
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 Please enter the Rounded vehicle mileage: 
No comma.  No decimal point. 
Round up or down to the closest whole number.
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 Please enter the  Whole number of gallons purchased: 
No decimal point. 
Round up or down to the closest whole number.
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 Please select the fuel type from the dropdown list Alternative Fuel are fuels other than gasoline (including unleaded) or diesel. Common type of Alternative Fuels are: E85 or Ethanol, Compressed Natural Gas or CNG, Biodiesel (B20,B100), LNG or LPG.
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