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Hurricane Cartoons

Hurricane Cartoon

"I'm going to Disney World"

Caption: Erin, you've just become a hurricane! What are you going to do next? I'm going to Disney World! © 1996 Katie Sullivan

The 1995 season was extremely active in the Atlantic. In July, Hurricane Erin formed near the Bahamas. It passed over the Florida peninsula, and the weakened storm passed over Walt Disney World in Orlando, causing only minor damage. The storm then crossed over into the Gulf of Mexico and hit Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle.

Hurricane Cartoon

"Aw, Mom, warm sea water again?"

Caption: Aw, Mom, warm seawater again? © 1996 Katie Sullivan

Hurricanes must have sea surface water temperatures more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit to grow and maintain their strength. Waters below this temperature cause a hurricane to weaken, dissipate or eventually lose its tropical characteristics.

Hurricane Cartoon

"Mommy! There's wind shear in my closet!"

Caption: Mommy! There's wind shear in my closet! © 1996 Katie Sullivan

Wind shear is when winds are moving in different directions at different levels of the atmosphere. This causes the cloud structure of a hurricane to get torn apart. A storm cannot form or grow in the presence of wind shear.

All cartoons © 1996 by Katie Sullivan and used by permission of copyright holder.

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