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An American Indian Man Report on the Expert Panel to Evaluate ATSDR’s Office of Tribal Affairs January 31–February 1, 2007 (253 KB, PDF).

CDC/ATSDR Tribal Consultation Policy (119 KB, PDF).

Office of Tribal Affairs (OTA) Brochure (520KB, PDF).
A tri-fold brochure that provides an overview of OTA and its policies, programs, and services.

”Understanding American Indian/Alaska Native Issues and Communities” (119 KB, PowerPoint).
A slide show that highlights important issues when working with tribal communities. Click here for html version.

Scientific Literature Relevant to the Environmental Health of
Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and Subsistence Hunter/Gatherers

The Public Health Assessment Process: An Interactive Learning Program
An online tool to help community members and others understand ATSDR’s public health assessment process.

Community Matters
Information for communities about ATSDR activities (in English and Spanish).

Frequently asked questions about contaminants found at hazardous waste sites.

Public Health and the Environment
ATSDR’s twice yearly newsletter, highlighting agency initiatives and activities.

HazDat Database
ATSDR’s hazardous substances release and health effects database. Provides access to information on the release of hazardous substances from Superfund sites or from emergency events and on the effects of hazardous substances on the health of human populations

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