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Topics - Strategies for an Effective Job Search
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keeps leading us down new paths. (Walt Disney)
  3.1 Set Goals
    What to Do - Professional Goals Worksheet
    What to Know
    What to Do
  3.2 Get Organized
    Schedule Your Time
  3.3 Approach The Job Search Process
    What to Know
    Job Search Methods
    Hidden Job Market
    Compare How Employers Look For Applicants With How People Look for Work
  3.4 Research Companies
    What to Know
    What to Do
  3.5 Job Search Assistance
    What to Know
  3.6 Job Search Online
    What to Know
    What to Do
    Applying for Jobs Online
  3.7 Analyze Want Ads
    Analyze want ads
  3.8 Complete Application Forms
    What to Know
    What to Do
    Your Right to Privacy
  3.9 Opportunities For Federal Civil Service Employment
    Veterans Preference and Direct Appointment Authority for Federal Employment
    Federal Application Procedure
    What A Resume For Federal Employment Must Contain
    Sample Federal Resume
    Filling Out the Optional Application for Federal Employment — OF-612
  3.10 Create An Effective Resume
    What to Know
    What to Do
    Resume Formats - Which One Is Best?
    Translate Your Military Experience Into Civilian Terms
    Follow These Resume Guidelines
    Resume Worksheets
    Action Verbs to Describe Accomplishments
    Resume Writing
    Resume Review and Sample Resumes
    What to Do - Experience Statements
    Salary History
    Resume Review and Checklist
    Different Ways To Send A Resume
    Scannable Resumes
    Resume Quiz
  3.11 Write Cover Letters
    What to Know
    What to Do
    General Outline For A Cover Letter
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