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Commission Members

Honorable Al Cornella, Chairman
MG Lewis E. Curtis III, USAF (Ret)
VADM Anthony A. Less, USN (Ret)
BG Keith Martin, PA ARNG (Ret)
LTG H.G. Taylor, USA (Ret)
Dr. James A. Thomson
Ms. Patricia Walker, Executive Director


Schedule of Meetings and Events

18 Jul  2005 Public hearing of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission to receive testimony from the Overseas Basing Commission on its final report
28 June 2005    Pubic hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs
9 May 2005 News conference to release report to the President
and the Congress of the United States
1 March 2005 Public hearing to receive testimony from current
military service chiefs and DoD and State
Department experts concerning matters relating to
the overseas military facility structure of the United
1-15 December 2004 European Command trip with Congressional Staff Delegation
10-22 November 2004 Commission visit to Pacific Command
9 November 2004 Public hearing to receive testimony from DoD policy makers and military experts concerning matters relating to the overseas military facility structure of the United States.
27 October 2004 Commission visit with Transportation Command
14 October 2004 P.L. 108-324, FY 05 Military Construction Act
extended the Commissions reporting period to August
15, 2005
28 September 2004 Commission visit with US Special Operations Command, US Southern Command, and US Central Command
23 September 2004 State Department discussions of current issues for Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.
22 September 2004 OSBC briefing to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Combatant Commanders Conference.
14 September 2004 LMI briefing on Sea Basing Concept.
14 September 2004 J2, MAJ GEN Burgess, briefing on current threat environment.
2 September  2004  Public hearing to receive testimony from military experts and statements from Senators Hutchison and Feinstein concerning matters relating to the overseas basing plans.
15-25 August 2004 European Command trip visiting multiple locations and receiving multiple briefings.
14 July 2004 Public Meeting with Congressional Research Service (CRS) to receive their views as published in their May 04 Report entitled, Options for Changing the Army’s Overseas Basing
14 July 2004 Briefing from OSD Policy on Integrated Global Presence and Basing Strategy (IGPBS).
23 June 2004 Briefing from RAND Corporation on three studies relating to Overseas Basing
5 May 2004 Overseas Basing Commissioners are sworn into Service