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HireVetsFirst co-branded career fairs results through September 27, 2007

43,407 veterans and/or transitioning service members have attended 85 career fairs since January 2007, meeting over 3,657 employers/recruiters in attendance. Note that many employers are counted more than once since many have participated in several job fairs in different locations.

In 2006 there were approximately 47 veteran-only job fairs that attracted a total of over 30,000 veterans and transitioning servicemembers. On average, each fair included 35 employers seeking applicants.

Jacksonville, FL Feb 22 33 employers, 1100 candidates

I was very pleased with the HireVets job fair, and it was nice to have representatives from Work Source and others visit our booth and ask for information about our company. We all bonded well and look forward to working with each other in the near future. I was truly impressed and I would attend again. Thank you for the invitation.  Naomi Simmons, H.R. Director, Yarbrough Security Corporation

The HireVetsFirst job fair held in Jacksonville, FL, February 22, 2006, went very well. The candidate pool was very large, diverse, and loaded with talent. Our booth was easily the busiest of the entire affair; people were waiting in line for as much as 30 minutes to talk to us. I would certainly suggest continued participation at these events because most of the candidates are skilled and motivated to enter the civilian workforce.  Merle Hammer, Support Services, Cecil Field, Boeing IDS HR Mgr

RecruitMilitary did an outstanding job of providing quality applicants while ensuring the necessary resources to conduct a successful recruiting event. Their services go way beyond job fairs and a job bank. I am very impressed with the staff's attention to all my recruitment challenges.  Roseana Smith, Manager of Workforce Development Initiatives, Werner Enterprises

Excellent! Well organized, well advertised and well executed.  Debra Brown, Military Relations Manager, Schneider National

This event exceeded our expectations both in the quality and the quantity of candidates that approached our booth. It was obvious that whatever planning was done paid dividends.  Edward J. Swanson, Senior Technical Recruiter, Keltec, A Crane Co.

The job applicants at this fair were some of the most professional and courteous that I have seen.  Heather Dick, Human Resources Generalist, Alcon

Raleigh, NC May 16 21 employers, 500 candidates

I have been a recruiter for over 15 years. This is one of the best fairs that I have attended!  Doug Polk, Agency Manager

Compared to other job fair attendees, the participants at this job fair were very professional and highly qualified for the types of jobs they were looking for.  Carrie Makambi, Regional HR Manager (ARS)

The RecruitMilitary job fair held in Raleigh provided us with an excellent group of military personnel that met our requirements and that were ready to take on the challenges of transition to civilian life. We were successful in placing more than a dozen candidates in positions in South Florida.  Brian Reynolds

Very professional, well-thought-out. Super turnout of highly qualified people. Low-pressure atmosphere allows everyone to just be themselves.  Gregory A. Peace, District Rep, Modern Woodmen of America

Atlanta June 20 32 employers, 1011 candidates

This is a phenomenal turnout for this job fair. I've had at least 10 qualified or interested candidates.  Travis Coldwell Alutiiq (Kwajalein Police Department)
The content of the fair and quality of candidates were excellent. The fair was well organized with a good flow of quality candidates.  Ernie Labadie, Director Human Resources, Paver Systems, LLC

RecruitMilitary career fair in Atlanta was a first-class event in a large metropolitan convention center. It compared more favorably than job fairs at military installations. Maybe the bottom line is one gets what one pays for. The registration fee was certainly worth it.  Keith Troutman, Project Manager, MTC Technologies

The experience was wonderful—very well organized.  Monica O'Neal, Regional Human Resources Manager, Southeastern Freight Lines

The caliber of people attending this event was impressive…all were sharp, articulate, and professional. We found some very impressive candidates.  Daryle J. Harris, Career Services Director, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Lawrenceville, GA

I was impressed with the number of people with whom I talked who had some college or a college degree. We're a white-collar company, and I frankly did not expect the numbers of potential white-collar candidates who visited my booth.  Keith Troutman, Project Manager, MTC Technologies

Dallas June 29 31 employers, 857 candidates

We had excellent contacts—over 40 from the Dallas event. Our normal contacts are around 15 or so. We remained busy the entire time. The Addison location was awesome. We especially enjoyed the airplane and memorabilia. This is a good idea to attract people.   Marcy Massey, Armed Forces Account Manager, University Alliance Marketing Group

This was my first time participating in a RecruitMilitary career fair. I was very impressed with the overall setup of the fair and more impressed with the quality and flow of candidates. I am also quite pleased with the follow-up on the part of the RecruitMilitary staff.  Valerie Hayes, Recruiter, Baker Oil Tools (a division of Baker Hughes)

Everything was great. We could tell that you made a great effort in getting the word out for potential applicants. We even had one from Austin, TX.  Hank Moreno, Senior Police Officer

The candidates were qualified and prepared. The staff was helpful and very responsive. The venue was conducive to the process. My compliments to the RecruitMilitary team. We look forward to attending additional events in the future.  Richard Burbank, The Entrepreneur Authority