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Interview with Bob Nardelli, Chairman, President & CEO, The Home Depot

Of The Home Depot's 300,000 associates, 1,800 are currently serving on active duty throughout the world. We've made hiring veterans a national priority, and are directing our efforts toward meaningful employment and financial security for the men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve our country.

Last year, The Home Depot hired nearly 20,000 veterans, and we'll surpass that number in 2006. Our heavy focus on the ranks of the Armed Forces makes great business sense, because they continually raise the bar and deliver results. They are men and women with demonstrated leadership in many of the same skills we use at The Home Depot. And they bring a level of focus and discipline, with a commitment to excellence. These values help us improve everything we touch.

Some companies would view our military support as a cost. We see it as an investment. Some companies would see it as a burden. We see it as a responsibility. One that we live by proudly each and every day. It's our patriotic duty. Together, we can make a tremendous impact in our communities by touching the lives of veterans and their families, and reinvesting in America.

Hire a veteran now.