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Transition Assistance program
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  This website contains four sections:
    The materials in the Topics section cover Career Exploration, Job Searching, Resume Writing, Effective Interviewing Skills, and much more.
      This section provides links to job search/employment websites, career information websites, company information websites, educational websites, military and federal websites, and other sites to help you with your transition process.
    Search Site
      You can use this search page to locate information with the Transition Assistance Program website.
      The Help section provides directions for downloading the forms contained in this website and some general computer tips.
      The functionality of this website works best with the following browsers:
  • Firefox Version 1.0.6 9 (or higher)
  • Netscape Version 7.1 (or higher)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher)
      Directions for checking the version of your browser can be found in the Help section.
      Directions for upgrading your browser version or downloading a new browser can be found in the HELP section
    Increasing Text Size
      See the Help section for directions on increasing the size of the text the browser displays.
    Downloading the Forms
      See the Help section for directions on downloading the forms contained in the website.
  Logging Out
    The website has been programmed to remember what page you were on when you logged out. When you return to this site, it will present you with the last page you visited.
    This site uses three types of forms- Online Forms, Rich Text Format Forms and Adobe Acrobat Reader Forms.
  • Online Forms - In some areas, you will complete a form within the webpage. Your data will be saved to your TAP web account so you can retrieve it at a later date. Be sure to click the Next button at the bottom of these forms. You can print the online forms by using the browser's print command.
    Other forms in the site permit you to download the forms to your computer. We have provided you with two methods to download the forms depending upon the software you have on your computer.
  • Rich Text Format - This computer file format can be opened by many word processing programs.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Format - If you don't have a word processing software, then you can access the forms using this free software.
    See the Help section for directions on using the forms in this site.
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