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REALifelines for Injured Vets

About REALifelines


Compassion in Action

The Recovery & Employment Assistance Lifelines (REALifelines) program was launched in 2004 by Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao with a clear commitment to helping injured US veterans return to fulfilling, productive civilian lives.

Employment Empowerment

Beneficial programs focused on veteran well-being and job-placement assistance already existed at the federal, state, and local levels.

REALifelines united these efforts, creating a network of resources to address the professional and educational goals of veterans while they deal with the realities of rehabilitation and recovery.

Respect and Results

REALifelines is helping hundreds of injured US veterans get the assistance they need, delivered with the respect they deserve.

Thanks to REALifelines, they are finding rewarding careers and are better prepared to address the lifestyle changes and personal challenges that are part of their civilian transition.

"When I healed, I asked, How do I transition back to active duty or the work world?...Be cognizant of bringing wounded soldiers back into the work place."
–Matt Bacik

One-on-One Assistance